Thursday, August 22, 2013

These Boots Are Made for Working.




Interns are becoming very popular on the small family farm. Working for very little or in some cases for free, it is often a situation that benefits both parties. The interns learn basic farm skills and the farmer gets badly needed labor.

In the 18 years we've been on this farm we've had teenage boy interns (some were relatives) teenage girl interns (same thing), family interns (the Schulte Family was the BEST) adult males, adult females and one really odd fellow who worked outside a total of 8 minutes over two whole days and ate twice as much as Keith and I combined. And then this last week we had...

Our first 9 year old intern.

Meet Sadie, a customer's daughter . This animal lover and farmer-want-to-be was by far the most amazing intern we've ever had.(I'm not counting  my own GK's since they have been here pretty much since birth)

Sadie came out of the goodness of her own heart ready to work and learn. So not wanting to disappoint here we got busy with our day. Pigs needed to be fed and ducks and chickens needed grain. But before that, we had our free range cattle to be tamed before the annual Fall Rodeo.

Oh how I wish we had something as exciting as a rodeo to get her involved in but even though I may be as stunning as the Flaming Red Head, Ree Drummond, (just add a bottle of grey hair dye with water and shake me crazy hard with my 13 year old Kitchen Aide Mixer) I am still no Pioneer Woman.

But we still found lots of tasks to keep our intern Sadie busy.


 Our over abundance of apples needed to be collected form the yard and recycled to the seemingly starving equines, both Ennis and her sidekick (because literally that is what he is best known for, his sidekick) Doolin.

The day ended happily meaning Sadie was returned to her mother in one piece. Moms can get all grumpy about their kids being returned in a "Do It Yourself" type of Kit.
P.S. What I liked most about Sadie? Her footwear. She came dressed to work. No ballet slippers, no Flip Flops, no ultra popular-ultra expensive athletic shoes with purple laces.
She had leather work boots with scuffs. Always a sign that your intern intends to WORK. An intern that shows up in a prom dress? NOT a good sign.

Now about that counter offer on our farm. We're still waiting. Our buyer told our realtor last night about this time,  he'd give her an answer tonight which officially ends at midnight, a mere 6 hours from now. Hmmmmm now what can I do to occupy myself for the next 360 minutes?

Build a new earth berm home? Good idea.


  1. VERY nice to see young people ready to work and learn.

    And....midnight?! I've got to wait till stinking MIDNIGHT to find out?

    I'm giving you until 12:45 am to post on the offer, either way. That will give you more than enough time to laugh, giggle, pee yourself, slap yourself and cry or sigh. Then get on the damned blog and let us know!!

  2. Dear Carolyn, really I'm fine. YOU however need a valium milkshake.

  3. Love the Pioneer Woman reference. Not so crazy about the purple laces got a problem with purple? I got a problem with you!


  4. Carolyn, it's 12;14 and no word from our buyer. Gotta go, we're having valium pancakes for breakfast

  5. My dear dear Tab. If you got a problem with me then I got a problem with you. And If I got a problem with you then that means I have to go shopping for every thing I can find purple so there will no longer be a problem between us, because that would break my problematic heart...unless you got a problem with that :)

  6. Sorry Donna, Thanks for posting for us. I guess I can go to bed too.

  7. Wonderful farmer girl intern - her foot wear is awesome wonder if she would loan it out?

    Still crossing fingers and toes for you guys - they are starting to get numb ;-)

  8. farmerstac, sure, go ahead, go to bed and leave me all alone to wait for that one phone call from the gubner.

  9. Martha. uncross your toes, you won't be able to help us move If your limbs are numb.

  10. Love Sadie's boots.

    Hope you hear the news you want to hear. And soon.

  11. that is wonderful! if more children were exposed to farms maybe their would be more interest and more farmers in the future!

  12. Aaauuuugggghhhhhh!!

    Your stalking blogger friend who is anxiously awaiting the "news". (as if you weren't)

  13. Sadie looks like one determined and hard working intern, as I am sure she would not like to be referred to as a little girl. Just caught up on the offer news in this post and the previous one, Donna. Hope you and Keith get good news. We are still waiting for the right folks to come and like our place enough to want it for their own. But, it's always good to hear about others' good news.
    And, I also like the color purple.

  14. So, what happened? Did you get the call? Im with Carolyn. I need the valium pancakes too. Send them over.

  15. I hope you have some good news soon, Donna. I know you have been waiting a long time to sale your farm.

    As it has already been said, it is good to see the young ready and willing to work. What a sensible young lady to come ready for work too.

  16. 1) I love the 1st picture of the boot/pig perspective!

    2) My husband and I have talked about the day we have our homestead and how to go about hiring help; whether in the form of a volunteer program or partnering up with community programs. I had never thought of hiring interns...I am so glad you shared this!

  17. I could do with an intern right about now! But not the one who ATE a lot! In actual fact i would rather like a sprightly retired farmer with his own tools. My barn needs help! My fences need saving from my leaning Ayrshire and I even have gates to hang. Ah well, back out to work for me! Have a lovely day, hope you heard about your offer, we will be out for some soap sometime soon!! c

  18. My dad always said it’s the smart workers who get the perks, bonuses and the promotions while the rest of us – the hard workers and the slackers, get the brunt and remain disgruntled for life. BTW your work boots are nice.

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