Saturday, August 10, 2013

Land Ho!!!




So, No. The farm has not sold.

Even though the fellow who was very interested is still very interested. Even though we've met several times and has finished up a business plan with him to present to his bank.

Even though we are more than ready to move towards our simple new life...we can't just yet.

Or can we?

While doing just a brief internet search for property in our area two days ago, I cam across a listing for a house on 7 acres.   In the area we wanted.   With lots of trees. And no close neighbors. The price was fabulous. Great for a couple of middle aged hippie homesteader want to be's. hmmm. I wonder what the catch is. So we called the realtor and made a visit.

Here's the catch.

The house is "as is" which in realtor lingo is several steps below "fixer upper". So far below that for this particular house you'd have to invest $20,000 just to elevate to the level of "fixer upper"

A few minor leakage issues come to mind. Like a hole the size of a bed in the ceiling. And then there was the creative electrical work. Oh, and the sunken pool on the side of the house. Not to mention the warped floors and the one room that made the realtor so nervous she wouldn't let us go in. And oh yeah, we couldn't find the well. Is there a well?

But truthfully. No problem. We're here for the land man. Let the raccoons have the house. We'll build a yurt and give away most of our material belongings and sell the items that might bring us some extra cash cause let me tell you.


With 7acres we could do all we wanted homestead wise. Yes we could. The area is rolling and covered with trees. Willows and oaks and maples. It has room for all the animals we need, for garden spots, room to build a new house. An earth home or a straw bale home or a steel shipping container home. Our winds are spinning with the possibilities!

The location is almost perfect. It is private and quiet and closer to our grandchildren. No source of water like a pond or stream which we would've liked but there is a real low spot, sort of marshy where the willows are growing. I'm thinking we could build a pond right there! It is crazy overgrown and covered with weeds and trash and old decayed buildings and

We love it!

So, we have made an offer. And even if our farm does not sell, then this little piece of heaven will serve as our vacation home (we may splurge and put a mobile home on it, I saw one on Craigs list for $1000. Just our price range) It will take us years anyway to tear the old house down that sits on it and remove a couple odd vehicles left by the previous owners.

But the GK's approved and in fact worried excessively that their mother would not be able to find the new farm even though it is just 12 miles from her house instead of the 30 we all travel now.

Go ahead us nuts. 1-800-you-R-nuts.

Don't worry if we don't answer. We are hoping to be at the new place, investigating a junk filled van or two. Who knows what treasures we might find?


  1. I've always fancied an old Jumbo Jet built-up on blocks. Couldn't you get some kindly captain to fly one in on its final flight?

    Congratulations, it looks wonderful.

  2. THIS IS A WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!! What a concept. An adventure. Yeah, raze the house and build anew: earth, straw, log, sod, recycled tires... The mind races. I'm so excited for you. I'm glad you're in a position to buy now for the future, 'cause they ain't makin' any new, well-situated land anymore. (Fingers crossed there IS a good well - somewhere.)

  3. Go for it. Lovely piece of land and so much potential.

  4. Yay for you Mrs. Farmwife! So happy that you found "home."

  5. Whoo hoo!
    Hope the offer is accepted and you can get down to making your vacation retreat all fancy & pretty! Can you imagine the Secret Garden plans for THIS place already?!

  6. Land Ho Indeed! Wonderful find, I hope the real estate offer goes through quickly. Enjoy!

  7. A yurt sounds AWESOME to me! Best of luck you guys!

  8. Sending good wishes your way that the farm sells and all goes well!

  9. Congratulations Donna! You are moving into your future ~ you wait and see what is just around the corner for you now xxx

  10. Think about looking for a used RV as a temporary place to stay. Completely portable and self contained. We lived (with two small children) and traveled in an old 27 foot travel trailer for 8 years and loved it.

  11. Thrilled for you... how exciting!!! xo Jen

  12. What a beautiful property! My husband and I hope to homestead someday, and I have been researching like crazy :) Super fun, but seriously can't wait to get my hands dirty! Look forward to reading this venture of yours! Hopefully all will work out :)