Monday, August 12, 2013

Saponification Sunday Raw Monday Egads Tuesday

Figured I might as well include Tuesday since I'm behind again in my regular posts. Life has gotten...wild. After seeing the 7 acres (Friday), we found out about on (Thursday) and calling our plumber to check to see if the place had a well (Saturday), making the official offer today (Monday) and yet another offer when the bank that owned the property wanted "best and highest offer" (just an hour ago)...We're still waiting to hear on that last offer. We do know there is one other bidding against us.

We're having a hard time staying focused on the day to day  farm life we are still very much involved in . But we are. I did in fact make soap yesterday. Here is the proof.

An "ombre" soap related to the fading colors in the layer, I scented it purely with Lavender EO. Sometimes I tire of the lavender but they always sell quickly.

The blue is from Indigo powder . I use 1 tsp to every two pounds of oil. The crackles in the soap come with titanium dioxide which I use to color the soap white or to lighten the other colors I use. Even though I mix it very well I always get some crackles. I now longer fight this, I think it adds character to the soap. Especially this one making it look very Palm Springs Desert like .
The lavender sprigs re from my own garden. This is the first year I've ever gotten my lavender plants to winter over. I buy them in the spring, plant them, enjoy them and they die over winter.

Not this year. Wouldn't you know it? We'll probably sell the place for sure now that the lavender is growing. I had fun with this batch of soap on the topside as well. Lots of nice waves. So enough of Saponification Sunday. (Whose crock pot idea was it to limit topics to particular days of the week anyway? I can barely remember how to put my bra on  "hooks in front? back? side?" and I'm supposed to remember that Monday is raw milk day?!?)

Speaking of which  raw milk sales have continued. Man, have they continued. Even though we have a waiting list and folks who can't commit to a particular day must come between 4-6pm with no guarantee there will be milk...they still keep coming. At the rate of two new customers each week.

Tomorrow I promise you something SHOCKING! You all come back now, hear?


  1. I love the ombre layers in your Lavender soap, Donna! Very pretty.

  2. I love the look of your soap. I don't tire of lavender and seem to wander back to it time and again.

    keeping my digits crossed for you that your bid is The One the bank likes.

  3. Lavender is my favourite soap, now don't go doing the skedaddle before we get to learn how to make soap from you, we will all get horrible filthy if you leave! c

  4. Love the soap, lavender is my hands down fav!

    Best wishes and lots of good thoughts that you will win the bidding war.

  5. Wow, beautiful ombre. Very well done :)