Monday, August 26, 2013

Raw Milk Monday...Fear Mongering Continues

GK's crossing driveway lines with raw milk for calf feeding.
Looks like they forgot their hazardous waste sign again...Darn unreliable child labor
One of our milk customers today told me of an interesting event that had just occurred in her life today. Having taken her 14 year old soon to be freshman to the Dr's office for his required physical she was asked "when was the last time he has had raw milk?"

When our customer, who has been drinking raw milk since 2008, asked why the interest in raw milk she was told "because it is considered a high risk food"

Of course this customer of ours is no dummy and being a non-dummy she shared her info and history and LACK OF RAW MILK RELATED ILLNESS within her family with this health care giver.  Yeah for her. The other party was a bit appalled and actually said "Ewwwwww" when our customer admitted to drinking raw milk

Intriqued...I headed to my bat phone and called my local county office of the  Department of Public Health, I can only imagine how large my photo is getting in that office, you know the one they use for dart practice. Asking for the Director of Nursing , I was very happy to hear a familiar voice on the other end. She and I had worked together 20 years ago , newbies in the nurse management world.

I told her of my concern. I was even very honest with her about the fact that I am on the Dairy Work Group developed by the State Department of Public Health. She reviewed the current health physical form that the department distributes to all the medical clinics and Dr's offices in our counties. There was not a single word about raw milk on it. Yes, I believed her as really, why would she lie to me? In fact if it were her department spearheading this new paranoia wave about raw milk consumption you would think she'd love the chance to share her opinion with me.

But no. Instead she told me how strange it was that someone in the clinics was even talking about raw milk since she had not been informed of any raw milk illnesses "in a very long time"

So, who is generating this misinformation? The doctors offices themselves? The hospitals that own these clinics?  Looks like I have some more investigative work to do.

Anyone got a wide brimmed hat and some dark glasses?


  1. When will your milk appear on the FBI's 'Most UNwanted list'....

  2. i really wish raw milk was the biggest worry anyone had!

  3. I guess that after getting rid of terrorism, illegal drugs, weapons of mass destruction and illegal aliens, they now have time to come after the raw milk criminals.

  4. Ah, you made me laugh. Esp. your pic at the top. Damn kids.

    Anywho, we've been drinking raw milk since June, when our first goats finally kidded. We will never go back. I dread telling the pediatrician, if it comes up, because I think the reaction will be the same. Maybe I'll be surprised, though.

    If we all drank raw milk, wouldn't the FDA lose control of us through the dairy industry? Maybe that's the underlying cause of all the misinformation.

  5. Sounds like one person had a private issue??

  6. There are very, VERY few doctors that will shake the status quo when it comes to REAL health foods (you know, orgainc foods, raw milk & cheese, etc.) and vaccines. I think that it's the educational system that is beating them over the head with all the rubbish and the corporations that fund the "studies", etc. I readily admit to being overly skeptical and even a bit obnoxious to any new physician of ours because in my numerous encounters with numerous doctors, they do NOT want to hear a patient question their authority, let alone citing contradicting facts. Try telling your toddlers physician that not only are you NOT vaccinating her, but you also feed her raw milk and then have to explain the reason why the SS# on the paperwork was left blank....that she does NOT have one.

    His head almost exploded.

    We no longer use his services, btw. :)