Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving 1956

Any idea why these two Yahoos are smiling? Well, they just pulled off the best free party gag ever. Back in 1956 my folks, that's Don the Irish Cheshire Cat on the left and his too beautiful to be true bride on the right, Thelma aka "Dusty"
Here is my version of the conversation.
Don: "So doll, when should we tie the knot ?"
Dusty: "I'll tie your knot in a half nelson if you call me "doll" again"
Don: " OK Darlin' when should we get married?'
Dusty: " I say Thanksgiving Day. Your family never turns down a free meal, they'll all be in one place so all they got to do is show up at the church first for a few moments, we throw cake down their throats right afterwards and then we all go to your parents house for a free reception. "
Don: "Hey ! You got something there Doll Face, oops, I mean Mrs President."
And so that is how I believe  it came that my parents and the parents of my 5 siblings decided to get hitched on Thanksgiving day, Nov. 24, 1956.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
P.S. No, that is not a reflection of an UFO on the door of my parents get away car. It's my kitchen lights. When I could not find my scanned picture of the original phot above, lost somewhere in the bowels of my computer, (and scanning it FOUR more times still did not make it appear) I finally just pulled the framed photo off my wall, took a picture of the picture, threw my memory card in my pc and saved it to my desktop long enough to copy it for this post. Cause that is the eejit way I roll.


  1. What fun! A friend of mine was born on the 24th, and i make it a point to wish her Happy Birthday first on that day, no matter where it is in the Thanksgiving week lineup.

  2. Our Turkeys are safe until Christmas. Gobble gobble gobble.

  3. My Grandmother was born on the 24th in 1891, Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for a great story and best wishes for a very happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I think that Thanksgiving is a nice celebration. Might bring into our lives when we get more sorted out. As for PC stuff, I have a tech team guy who I was fortunate enough to marry. Without him I would not be online and would probably still using a typewriter to write my books!

  5. A grand time for a wedding! Pass the turkey!

  6. What a wonderful picture. I think you look very much like your father, same sweet smile. Happy Turkey Day