Wednesday, November 14, 2012

South Pork Goes to Georgia

Look at these stunning fashion models promoting our rinky dink farm all the way down in Georgia. That's Susan Lea on the right with her Clark Gablesque hubbie on the left wearing the T-shirts she won when she correctly identified our new farm project as the pig hutch or "hogcienda" that it is.
You can read her blog  HERE. Lots of great stuff about grass fed critters. Our kind of farmers.

Thanks again Susan for playing  "Let's make a squeal" our semi regular game here on The Midlife Farmwife. Thousands  Six have played this past year and won just like her. So be sure to follow me closely. You never know when I'll throw another freebie out there and YES I do allow you international types to play. The Chatsworth post office gets a big kick out of me sending packages to oddly named but totally exotic places like Trelawnyd and Mahomet.



  1. Oh, my, can you see us blushing in the photos? Thanks for sharing our blog link. It was fun playing "Let's make a squeal!" You're too funny, Donna!

  2. When is 'International South Pork Ranch Day'? We could all make our own T shirts!!!

  3. Those T-shirts have even been seen here in sleepy old England.

  4. pleasure. Thank YOU for the free advertising.

    Cro. You are the idea man for sure but I'm a tad afraid of what the homemade version might look like. :)

    Tom. Another fashion model heard from but where is the pic of himself in out T? Hmmmmm?