Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saponification Sunday...Help Wanted

I am so low.

I bribed a little girl  with a month's membership to Mooshi Monsters (web game for kids) if she would help me wrap soap.

For $5.99 I got one good little worker. In theory. I paid the membership and she PROMISED to help me next time she spent the night,

Man, I'm as bad as Obama, paying people NOT to work.

Back to soap. I got busy this past week working hard to keep up with Christmas orders. I still have not opened my on-line store yet mostly because I can't keep my stock built up. A great problem to have really. One gentleman who will go unnamed (D!) was gracious enough to up his order twice bringing it to a total of 48 bars!!! So if you are a family member of this unnamed fellow (D!) and you are reading this blog, I guess it's no surprise what you will be getting for Christmas this year. Thanks again Mr Anonymous (D!). Your support is greatly appreciated.

There were even more orders from family and friends but I can't even hint about who they are as they plan to give soap to some of YOU who read my blog. So stop harassing me cause I ain't going to tell you. I value my life too much. Paranoid? Who me?

I often soap late at night with loud music. I always have a plan but the end result is rarely similar to the plan. Take for example the green soap above. (No, not Michael, ABOVE Michael )

It started out as blue. I used Indigo powder in almond oil and then was going to make some ombre layers, you know dark layers on bottom with progressively lighter layers at the top. But, at the last minute I grabbed my dark green hemp oil instead of my light green olive oil  (just because) and my blue indigo became blue green. On top of that, I wasn't patient enough to wait for the bottom layer to harden more before pouring the next layer (That's what happens when I make soap to Pink Floyd instead of Mozart) and the layers mushed into each other causing waves and a similarity to those cell membrane slides we had to look at in 8th grade science.

Thus "structure" becomes "abstract."

I'm continuing to play with the sample items sent to me by Bramble Berry several weeks ago. By the way, don't forget this is Givember. As my SPECIAL readers of this blog you have access to an elite savings code to be used DURING the month of NOVEMBER only.    For any of my readers who uses the code when placing an order with them during November or "Givember" as Anne-Marie Likes to call it, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Bramble Berry Gift Certificate. The code is GIVEMBER50.
 Especially loving the Celtic Mold. It's a little tricky to unmold but I found putting it in the frig a few hours and then popping out the soap works real well.

I'm thinking about a couple pair of jeans I own that are a little tough to get out of. I wonder how much of me I can cram into our upright freezer in the basement?


  1. Yes, that Celtic design looks v good. I also like the look of today's 'Stormy Seas' soap.

  2. You do enthuse me with your soap making activity. Not sure I would ever get to your standard of excellence, but I will most definitely have a go at making simple soap for our own home use at some time in the future. Loved both those soaps, Celtic and waves.

  3. I'd like to make soap. Homemade soap fascinates me. Whenever anyone gives me some I set it aside to save it.

  4. Love the look of the Celtic soap and all the rest, come to that!

  5. I love homemade soap and have yet to make any myself. That's on my list of things i'd like to try before leaving the planet.

  6. The celtic soap bars are awesome. Think I need to figure out how to make soap...hmmm yeah, that is just what I need one more project to add to my every growing stash.

  7. Beautiful! It must be awesome to have such talent, you've worked very hard on it!


  8. I love the Celtic soap, Donna, and the blue layered soap looks very cool, too!

  9. I love the colors in your Wave Soap and the shape of your Celtic soap. Let me know how the freezer works; I might try our chest freezer out in the hay barn after I get over being sick.