Saturday, November 17, 2012

Come out, Come out, Wherever you are.

Donna Marie O'Shaughnessy
Taken by one of my sisters, October 2012
at the Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana
Face it's time to show your mug.  I've been blogging for 2  1/2 years and am fortunate enough to have 219 followers (as of 5 minutes ago. One more post about Raw Milk Renegades and that number will likely plummet to 218) ). I also follow many many blogs and feel... you know...bonded to a lot of you, those 3 goofballs across the pond for example, plus lots of you local eejits. And then of course all you stalkers who read but never private detective is so ON to you.
But something is missing...your  beautiful faces. A few of you from time to time are good about putting the real you out there for all of us to see, but most of you, most of us,  prefer to bare naked our words but not our visage.
Well, I am asking for an about face.
Take a moment, grab your camera and give it to someone else for a change and then put your best face forward on your blog. I want to SEE all you charmers out there, especially you wisenheimers who wear sarcasm as your hooded cloak. You can make it as lovely or goofy as you want, or print it in Sepia tone like I did above (a real wrinkle smoother) , all I ask is that the photo is current.
Come on. Do it for me. Do it for all YOUR followers who want to see the loveliness behind the wit, the charm, the fountain of information we all thrive upon.  Beside, when was the last time I asked you to do something for me?


  1. Well here I am Donna. Hope you don't mind a photo with my son, just taken this week at his scholarship dinner.

    I didn't post it before, because I rushed home from work to attend and it was a last minute thing for me to go and was a tired, but happy to be there with my boy.

    So didn't post it previously, but I thought what the heck.

    So here I am.

    Lil Bit Brit

  2. I finally posted a picture of myself on my blog a few weeks ago. I posted about getting back to eating healthier (and fitting back in my skinny pants).
    I'll still follow you if you post about raw milk renegades!

    You can see me here:

  3. I'll think about it, but I don't want to destroy your dreams and hopes.

  4. I have a really, really bad/scary picture that my sister just took of me and now I'll have put it in tomorrow's blog post just for you!

  5. Beautiful pic, Mrs. Farmwife!

    I received a fabulous packet of wonderful soapy items from the mail lady the other day:)) I've been too busy to even dream about the soaps I can make with them one day. It was an honor that you thought of me~ thanks a bunch!

    Now ... to find the camera ... and a kid ... who can shoot from a different angle than the inevitable inherited double chin.

  6. I frighten horses, so probably best to keep the brown paper bag on!

  7. That's so funny you wrote this! I was just thinking this evening, as I met up with a fellow local gardening blogger, that her face is all over her blog and I have never put a photograph of me on there!

    Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon working again, I suppose.

    I don't know if I'm ready to put this ugly mug out there for the world to see.

    But it's nice to see your lovely face!!

  8. Well, you're going to have to scroll through a bit o' babbling, but there's a picture near the end. Not a good one, but it's a picture :)

  9. Pretty sure I just posted an awful picture of myself with the 80 table cloths I finished creating for my nephew on my blog. Can you say "I will never sew that many table cloths again" Hopefully I did not just jinx myself. By the way I love your new picture!

  10. Well, you know what I look like (and it's not near as good as my profile pic on Blogger!) You're right, though, there are rarely pictures of me on my blog because I'm always the one behind the camera. I must say, when I do see pictures of myself, I realize WHY I'm the one BEHIND the camera! :D My husband is such a willing victim (who often doesn't even notice he's being photographed)--and Clark Gablesque, to boot! Oh, you better believe I'm not letting him forget that! :D

  11. Donna, your blog posts always make me smile!

  12. Eye am skeptical...Eye will keep my fare distance because it may take a toll on me, but eye will be watching you.

  13. I guess I would fall under the stalker category. I found your blog through the SoapSister. One read and was "obsessed"....instant stalker. I check every morning to see if you've posted a new story. I love reading your posts!

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