Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fab Four

From top left , clockwise my grandfather Tom in WWI,  My uncle Frank WWII
My Father Don Korean War and my Aunt Bernie Korean War

I meant to post this on Veterans Day but forgot, then ran across the pic again in my pc while looking for who knows what. Give me a break it was 5 minutes ago. Who has that kind of memory span?

They are a fine looking group are they not? My grandfather used to drive the chuckwagon in WW1. Apparently quite good with horses and my father always blamed my affinity for the hay burning critters on his father's genes. Grandpa was grumpy much of the time but after yelling at us for whatever, he'd fill our pockets with quarters.

I have never been above getting yelled at for money. It' how I learned to put up with aragant physicians for over 3 decades.

My uncle Frank looks like one of the Rat Pack doesn't he? All Frank Sinatra slick in his leather WWII jacket. Don't recall much about him. Died of kidney failure in his 40's but he was my dad's oldest and only brother and his personal hero so he kept Frank alive for us with lots of great stories, like how Frank baked and sold bread during the depression to hepl pay the rent, but hid the cookware from his dad so he wouldn't be thought a "sissy"  Seems pretty manly to me

My aunt Bernie, one tough chick who said no to many suitors in order to care for her developmentally disabled sister and thus kept her out of the horrible institutions of the early part of this century. She died this past summer at a rocking 93, still dressing herself and "sharing" her opinion whether you asked for it or not. She is my personal hero. My debt to her always due. Miss her.

My father Don. Died too stinking young at 63 but lives most in my heart at this Christmas time. With his Kurt Russell baby face he was always a kid at heart which made life even tougher for my mother but always interesting for us kids. One minute his Irish temper had him threatening to throw out the TV (while holding it dramatically over his head) and the next he was giggling with us until he couldn't breathe.

Yeah. My gene pool up there. Someone throw me a life preserver.


  1. They look like the cast from a war movie!

  2. It's 'all in the family' comes to mind! Love the photos and the descriptions are wonderful...

  3. A good looking bunch Donna. I'd say that's a gene pool to be proud of! Your description of each is great. Hey, wait a minute - have you considered writing for a living? :-)

  4. Cro, they sure do don;t they. Maybe "Bridge over River Why" or "O'Shaughnessy's Revenge" maybe

    Broad. Thanks. I liked them too.

    Camille. Of course I left out some of the not so pleasant temper tandrums of my father being as he's dead and can't defend himself. I hope my own kids will do the same for me !

  5. Must be the Irish in ya!!! I am married to an Irishman and I know a good temper when I see one!!! It's beyond their control!! As I am sure you know. But what SWEET characters they can be. Right?
    I love to explore my gene pool once and a while, actually I live it every day! What a mix we end up with eh?
    Your love for your family is obvious and wonderful to see.
    So good to meet you Donna, a breath of fresh air you are.

  6. The loving descriptions you give of your family are touching tributes to how important they were to you. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jim, you are obviuosly a man of great taste. Come back often OK?

    Kim, My family life was full of noise. Arguments galore, opnions flying around like fireworks. But yes, I loved them dearly and now that I am the matriarch of the O'Shaughnessy Hoodlums I understand the desire to lift a TV over my head now and again.

  8. Wonderful heritage and memories. I hope you've written that all down somewhere for your kids! In the 5 minutes before you forget, right? :)

    I made a book online for my youngest sister's 50th birthday, and on the title page I had a photo of my grandparents in their 1930's bathing suits with my uncle and mom in the swimming hole. Not quite as elegant as your photos, but I love it! I put a quote on it: "The problem with the gene pool is, there's no lifeguard!" :D I love some of the tales of my forbears' sacrifices during wartime and their funny senses of humor. I'm trying to get it all down, but it's an overwhelming task!

    Thanks for sharing this.