Monday, November 19, 2012

Saponification Sunday Monday...Black is Back

First of all a great big THANK YOU to all who granted my request of posting your faces on your blogs. I loved seeing all of you! Now, onto suds.

Once again, tardy with the Sunday Soap blog. My excuses this time in no particular order

1. Family visiting from out of state all weekend.
2. Family visiting from out of state all weekend.
3. Family visiting from out of state all weekend.

Since it was my only excuse I thought I should list it a few times. What's really sad is my company was hardly here all day Saturday and they left Sunday at 10am. But no body needs to know that OK?

I did however MAKE soap this past week in preparation for Christmas orders as well as a Fund Raiser for another farm. I was in a black mood.

Black as in charcoal. But I struggle with the concentration formula. Too little and I get a muddy grey. Too much and it smears when I cut it. Of course THAT might have something to do with the ax I use to cut my soaps. Might be time to get a real soap cutter. I've got my eye on this one for any of you unsure of what to gift me with this Christmas. (hello ? husband? are you out there?)

Available HERE
Back to black. I like to mix about 1 teaspoon of powdered charcoal in 1/4 cup of my premixed, pre-measured soap oils. I'll use that to color about 1 pound of soap. It can color your suds gray but the color rinses off your skin easily. I have made pure black soaps, or black with white squares but I really love doing the white, black, pink white layered soap.

To get the fun design above I'll plunge a small whisk into the soap several times just after pouring. You will need to work fast though as charcoal definitely speeds up trace. The fun is always in the unmolding and cutting (did I mention I could use a professional soap cutter for Christmas? I can't remember. I've had my eye on this one.)

You never know how the layers will evolve but when you are playing with black soap you are guaranteed drama. You are also often guaranteed a mess. I tend to come away with black powder on my face, my hands and across my bosom.
Don't ask.

The swirls on top are easy. Just pour while exercising with a Hoola Hoop. Works every time. Of course your floors, cat and cabinet doors get "Decorated" as well. I'd probably do a better job if I wasn't so distracted thinking about a soap cutter I'd like to get. I've had my eye on this one:

I'm not sure but you might be able to find it here
Charcoal is reported to have qualities good for the health of your skin in the areas of detoxification. Reports are made that it lessons acne, helps retain moisture, removes dead skin cells through slight exfoliation, eases the itching and pain of insect bites to name a few.
Since I am not a scientist and have no research team I can not make such specific claims but I will stand by the facts I know: that is it messy and fun.


  1. Oh, Donna--your posts literally make me laugh out loud. I just bought some charcoal myself--attempt #1 was dark gray. It's nice to know that it's not easy for someone else, either. I hope someone gets the hint on your Christmas gift! (I like your subtle approach...)

    Oh, and your hula hoop swirls are gorgeous and so striking!

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful soap!

    Hey, Mrs. Farmwife, any ideas where I could find myself a great soap cutter for a Christmas present???!??

  3. When I was small I used to buy joke soap that made your face go black. Is this similar?

  4. I hope Father Christmas, Pere Noel and Santa Claus are all listening -- an axe can be so dangerous and besides 'you're worth it'! Lovely, beautiful, dramatic soap. Hilarious post for a grey and miserable rainy day here in the UK...

  5. Excellent post Donna!

    This soap looks good enough to eat. A sort of goth coconut ice.

    Just not so sure about the grey suds..

  6. Like Amy, I laugh out loud! Your soap looks fantastic!

  7. Your soap looks great, Donna! I love the charcoal swirl. I hope Santa Claus brings you your soap cutter!

  8. I wonder if you'd like a soap cutter for Christmas? It seems like it might be handy.

    I like the black/white combo myself. I think it looks striking.

  9. The black, pink, and white reminds me of those nougat candies i'd get sometimes in my Hallowe'en trick or treat bag.

  10. I hope SOMEONE gets the hint and buys you that soap cutter you like for Christmas! That's the one I have and LOVE. :) Great looking soap, Donna! Thanks for the humorous post!

  11. You are TOO funny! You made me laugh on a day when I'm feeling sick and run down, thanks!

  12. the soap reminds me of gums and teeth (and obviously tartar, too!) :)

  13. Tex Wis Girl Oh how I like you. You call them as you see them!

  14. I've had my eye on a soap loaf cutter too. It's a little less expensive --
    Hope Santa brings you one!

  15. Love your posts. Always get a giggle - or five! I didn't even KNOW such loaf cutters existed! Now I want one, too. I'll have to save up for a while. Looked at the one Deborah wrote about, too. Not sure which I prefer...

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