Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saponification Sunday...Sad State of Soap

So not to be copying Jen but seems I got carried away with water discounting as well. But before I go further, let me say how much I appreciate when soap folks who d share mistakes as well as earth shattering accomplishments. It takes a special soaper like Jen to say "Hey...DON"T do this! "  Of course I ignored her advice being of the dull witted variety, but still I appreciate that she tried to warn me.  Maybe you will be smarter than I

So I made a beautiful smelling soap  all full of clove and cassia essential oils.  Wafting with the aroma of freshly baked coffee cake and hot brewed Java, it also looked wonderful as I colored with real Folgers, none of that ridiculous what-is-the-point decaffeinated junk, and some coffee butter which is a deep rich brown.  Just before pouring in the mold I stitrred in  a brief teaspoon of the coffee grounds themselves and it all looked heavenly after sitting in the frig for 24 hrs.

Yeah, it looked wonderful until  I began cutting it into bars...It all came apart at the seams it seems. At first slice it went well but as I got closer to the bottom, the bottom lost it, crumbling to the floor.  DANG IT !

So I got a thinner knife which helped some but a few hours later obnoxious fissures started showing up throughout the bar. Right about the same time the bottom half was darkening into a rich brown, which made me see the potential and grieve its loss even more.

I really liked the way my swirls worked after stabbing the soap with a small whisk a few times. But alas it will not work for resale. So, I will grate it and rebatch it, another lesson learned.


The bowl? Got it for 99cents at my favorite thrift shop, Frugality, in Fairbury, Illinois. On the bottom it says FRANKOMA. Name of potter? Who knows. Still a cool bowl


  1. Just a tip from my experience. If you are using oils such as clove and cassia-you probably don't want to use too much of a water discount.Clove is famous for accelerating the batch-I'm surprised you got it into the mold.Congrats!

    btw,do give that another try-it looks like it was full of potential. The swirl is awesome-reminds me of steam rising up from a hot cup of coffee with a bit of cream.

  2. It looks good. Sorry it didn't work. How do uou find time with all you do?

  3. Tierra, great tip and thanks. I did not know that about clove EO. And you bet I'm going to try it again and it will be el'perfecto...or not.

    Farmerstac...I am a poor sleeper. About 4-5 hrs a night. All my years as night nurse are to blame. I also do not "relax" well. A habit I am trying to improve upon.

  4. NO te preocupes te han quedado geniales, me gusta mucho tu blog .Besos

  5. Oooh, I'd still buy your fissury soap! Or if you don't want to sell it, just send some this way anyway ;)

    Hey! I tried to call you yesterday. Maybe I will try again today? Or are you not the-on-the-phone type? :)

  6. Hey all you folks that read this blog, I have been using this soap for 5 weeks straight, and I swear by the stuff. So fall apart? Fine I'll use it in pieces! I do NOT have dry skin, and I am not buying tons of skin lotion!
    -Maggie :)

  7. Ugh! And it looks so pretty! I'd suggest keeping just one bar. It's too pretty to destroy completely.

  8. Oh, what a gorgeous swirl Donna! It really does look like a steaming coffee and the colours are amazing. Definitely make this again <3

  9. Hello Donna!
    Try it again. The swirl is so beautiful and the next bar will not only look and smell great, it will also be cut easily.

  10. DEFINITELY make this one again!! It's so beautiful!! And if you ever get tired of re-batching, check out Clean the World. That's where I send all my screw-ups.

  11. Ali, thank you so much!

    Zan, so sorry I missed your call. I will try you very soon. I keep dreaming of this vacation in New York one day...

    Maggie...did I ever tell you, you are my favorite ?

    Briny, yes I will keep one bar, isn't funny how we collect these little misfits, then my GK's line them up in the bathtub and tell them stories about how they will be great soaps when they grow up.

    Topcat,Petra and Amy...I did make another batch of this same soap last night. I put on great music and worked SLOWLY, took my time, mixed and pour in a total zen state. Now I am waiting for it to evolve into heaven in the frig. I am sure this batch will be perfect...maybe.

  12. Greetings Donna,
    I always seem to drop by when you are doing an article on soap. I lather like the way you explain and your accompanying photos reveal an end product that looks much like nougat. Although, I'm sure I wouldn't want to eat what's in that last photo :)

  13. klahanie, thnaks for dropping by again and yeah it is funny how you seem drawn in when I get all sappy er soapy. Mostly I am in a lther about other things the rest of the week so now I leave Sunday for happy BUBBLY thoughts. Take care.