Thursday, January 5, 2012

(Antique) HELP WANTED!

Farm, farm, farm, blah,blah,blah...

We needed a break today so off to Campaign (60 miles south) to pick up a few things at stores...after doing all our morning chores of course, and then into Copasetic Consignments to pick up a pair of lamps I bought two weeks ago while on a shopping trip with mes suers. (That was for you Cro, sorry it's all I got)

This is where I need the help. I love antiques, even more so as I get older and my parents get deader. Not being disrespectful, just factual. But, I am no expert and therefore thought maybe some of my antique blogger friends, Tom? John?  Algernon? might shed a little light (sorry, so very sorry) on this pair.

The lamps are brass, I believe, heavy, with marble, perhaps, between the base and the main body.
They stand 27 inches from finial tip (one finial is missing, I assume there must be finial replacement stores? Finials R Us ?). The marble bases are real purty as is the general scroll work.

The shades have been replaced with some kind of faux leather that (I think) looks great. No idea what the original shade was. They have been rewired. No markings on the base or anywhere else I can see. I paid $75 for the pair and love seeing them on the mid-century buffet I inherited from my folks.

So, who knows anything about lamps? Who cares to take a few minutes to tell me what you know? Who wishes I would go back to talking about diatomaceous earth and its treatment of bloody stools in calves.? These answers and more can be found on tomorrows The Midlife Farmwife.  Stay tuned.


  1. Well, can't help you worth a durn about the lamps; but they sure are purty! I LOVE antique stuff....well, some antique stuff, but lamps are one of them.

    Blogging about farm stuff on a farm blog is well & good, but you know what? We farm folk have LIVES! Not just cow stuff and chicken stuff and mulching; it's nice to see some of the "hidden" things other farmfolk do and have.

  2. I know nothing about dating lamps but I DO know what I like and I like those.

  3. Carolyn. Me too. Love to see snippets of other bloggers lives. Like when Terii on Our Crazy Farm showed us her fridge. Like so cool

    MBJ Thanks. Funny how the stuff that look old fashoined when we were young are often the things we ache for as we age. Or maybe that is just me

  4. Okay - you just proved that we need to enlarge our circle of bloggers to include antique buffs!!


  5. The farm is very friendly without your presence...did that come out right? LOL Fannie greated me at the drive. Her fine feathered friends also came up to greet my bright red ripe tomatoe colored car...I think it was to peck the seeds out until the realized... and one of the small furry critters snooped at what was inside when the car door was open. The cows and pigs were curious and keeping a watchful eye to make sure no funny business was going on. I do enjoy my road trips and once I get the hard cheese thing down I may be making a few more trips. BTW the lamps are very nice.

  6. I think they would look better on my mid-century buffet . . . if I had a mid-century buffet:))

    They are beautiful! Love that picture behind them (yes, I am snooping, will you take another picture about 5 steps back so I can see what's on the wall above that buffett???))

  7. The 'marble' is probably Onyx, and the sticks possibly weighted spelter. As for age, I would think they are early 20th C. There again, I could be completely wrong; one needs to hold them!

  8. OK -- Here's my take. The base is definitely onyx. The metal may be brass ... but you can determine that by putting a magnet to it. A magnet will not stick to solid brass.

    I don't think they are "early" 20th Century. Remember that electricity first came to homes in the form of ceiling lights. Then we had the war with rationing of metals.

    I'm pegging them at late 40's to mid-50's.

    They are the PERFECT match to your mid-century buffet!

    And you can find finials at places like Marshalls, Tuesday Morning.... or online at Restorer's catalog out of Woonsocket SD.

  9. Can't help with the lamps. They are pretty and I also would like a picture about five feet back so we can see some more of the buffet. As far as contents blog what ever your hearts desire. Your writing provides humor, wit and brightens my day for that I say Thank You

  10. You know! Just a few weeks ago I was in a shop, and saw that lady buy those lamps! It was amazing, but the best thing was I found this homemade soap that IS TO DIE FOR. So the lamps are a great find, but I was thrilled w/the soap. :) LOL! -Maggie

  11. Maggie, hmmmm you look familiar. Could it be we once shared an entire SET OF PARENTS ?!?! Love you

  12. And My Take is:
    I don't care what they are made of, they are beautiful.
    And No where can you buy even one great lamp for $75, let alone two.

    I can just imagine the cool mood lighting they give off in a dark room.
    You scored, lady!