Friday, January 20, 2012


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Years ago our youngest son  Kyle would always mix up the words "Thank You" and "You're Welcome," combining them into one word of his own 3 year old making, "Ankum."

If I told him he did a good job picking up his toys he would say, "Ankum." If he wanted a cookie he would say "ankum." You get the picture. I was reminded of the importance of saying "ankum" again yesterday.

My husband and I had a very busy day. Up at 6 AM we did all our morning chores (milking, feeding, watering, bedding) and then we pulled over 300 pounds of meat out of our freezers.  Packing it into coolers, and  then into the back of our pickup we drove 150 miles delivering to 3 of the Central Illinois grocery stores to whom we sell organic meat. On the way home we picked up another 400 pounds of meat at the locker and then filled up the holes in our freezers left by the AM deliveries.

The little farm store at South Pork Ranch
We were still putting away meat at 10PM.

When I finally got inside, convinced again that our life was too crazy, too busy, too HARD, I found this email waiting for me from one of our regular farm customers. I was gobsmacked. With his permission I am copying it here for you.

Hi Donna and Keith,

Sometimes it must be hard to realize what your family farm means to others, but I just thought I would let you know how it touches ours and say...Thank You!!!

sour cream
Honey buttermilk waffles...which are becoming famous with family, friends and wife's coworker's
Flour from wheat berries
Hard cheese
pork chops
Home made egg noodles
Turkey dinner
Side pork
Clean showers
Clean clothes
eggs, scrambled, over medium, boiled
egg salad
and corned beef if I can find a recipe on how to turn a briskit into corned beef
lastly an always enjoyable road trip.

Take Care,

Yeah, just when I had decided no one cares, no one really NOTICES the amount of work it takes to run a farm, to produce good food, to raise animals humanely and sanely, to keep them all warm and dry in the winter winds, We get an email like this. Well, all I have to say now is...

Ankum Doug, Ankum.


  1. A well timed "thank you". And by the way, thank you for taking the time to blog so frequently and for making my day when you do.

  2. I think sometimes that it is that kind of feedback that makes it all worthwhile. And I bed it is well deserved in your case. xoxo Jen

  3. And then there are all of us out here in blogland that owe you a great big "ankum" just for being you . . . and making us laugh:)) You are a joy to this farm wife!!

  4. Hugs Donna! Of course, it is worth it all anyway, but recognition of your hard work is always wonderful :)

  5. A few kind words makes all the difference. When my late mother was still acting, she kept every letter from admirers, and would read them over and over.

  6. I don't take that as coincidence. I believe God uses people to encourage us all the time. Take it as a thank you from Doug, and a thank you from God for being faithful to your calling. He knew when you needed it most! :)

  7. Wonderful!! Isn't it nice how sometimes exactly what you need just shows right up like that! It's so good to be appreciated, and so nice of people to take the time to let people know!

  8. MBJ, Ankum

    Jen. Ankum to you as well

    Terri, a great big ANKUM to you my crazy, "faithful" friend

    Carolyn. It so was a wonderful fuzzy

    Topcat, we all like to say it's the instrinsic values that keep us doing what we do but I am too shallow to hold that truth all the time. Being human I do need thank you's and Dougs's note reminded me that I need to send more notes of appreciation!

    Cro. How wonderful for your mother. Was she in any movies ? Or was it all stage? When I left my hospice management job after 10 years a colleague of mine gave me a huge notebook of patients memories, bedside events she and I and other staff shared with our terminal patients. It means the world to me

    Amy. HE always does know doesn't he? If I wasn't so prideful I might remember that.

    Doug. Well said

    Jenn. absolutely.

  9. more thing, for over a week now I have been trying to comment on your blog but everytime I hit submit, I get a big white screen. You haven't gone up to heaven already have you? Just wanted you to know I am out here reading you words of wisdom and I will keep trying to comment.

  10. Mother did the boards, only me in the movies. I was on TV just last week in a film called The Duallists.

    Don't know why you should have problems with your comments... all seems normal this end. I shall have to imagine your thoughts.

  11. The Dualist is now on my list. I am so impressed and honored you should visit my blog...even with your soap issues

  12. Hello Donna,
    I have the same problems to leave comments. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
    Now that it works ... It is so good to see that Your work is appreciated by Your customers. And a big ANKUM to You for Your great blog.