Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bring it On

The beavers were busy yesterday, After weeks of above normal temperatures we were beginning to think winter was delayed permanently but then predictions of snow started coming in for today.

"One inch and winds of 15mph" predicted at 8am yesterday
We did morning chores and started adding extra bedding to animal stalls. I painted the yard sign, yes PAINTED, with directions to the barn, house and farm store. Keith repaired the door to chicken coop and I painted it as well.

"One and 1/2 inches and winds of 20mph" predicted at noon
Keith moved big bales of hay in front Mad Max (top dog hog) and his harem's hogcienda. This will provide wind block and source of food. I burned lots of old trash and wood piles, overfilled the big calves hay feeder.

"One to three inches and winds of 25mph" predicted last evening
Keith moved large barrels of feed to barn to save on walking to machine shed should snow hit. He spread a few loads of manure as well and took small milk tank over to Forrest for repairs.
I planted spring seeds in an old concrete waterer, with a 10 foot diameter no less. I should have put them in months ago, but why? It was 56 degrees yesterday! I caught 6 loose chickens and threw them into chicken yard on my way up to the house.

"Three to Six inches and white out conditions" predicted this am
It's 8am we still need to bed horses, move mower inside garage. (Its had a dead battery for the last month), and move another big bale of hay in front of Red Wattle Wally's stall so he and his girls have wind protection and extra feed. Then we should be "ready"

As I write the sky is white and snow is just starting to blow across the yard. Keith volunteered to do my calf chores this am so I volunteered to make him a big coffee cake for when he comes in for his morning break.

That's how we beavers roll.


  1. Hard work and coffee cake (and coffee too I hope) sounds perfect.

  2. Gee. I was mumbling under my breath when I had to haul hot water to the goats this morning in the windy 27 degree weather. We have some light snow & a dusting on the ground. Guess I should thank you for making my day seem better!! :)

    Coffee cake? I swear, I wish I lived closer.

  3. That's how to 'giterdone'! We have snow (finally!) in the forecast for this weekend, so today will be about getting ready...of course, our wet snowfall of 1-2 inches strikes fear into the hearts of many, so really preparing for the "big snow" is about stocking up on milk and bread in my town.

    I think I'm going to stack some hay bales near the coop though...just to look like I'm expecting more...:)

    Stay warm!

  4. No snow here in the north of England yet. Last 2 years we have been brought to s standstill by heavy snow, but this year - not even a severe frost yet! Weird. Good luck with the weather Donna.

  5. Right. No snow here either, and I don't envy you--but wow you guys are productive! Paint in that kind of weather?!? You are a brave woman!

    By the way, you have horses?! How could you keep that secret from me, Donna? Probably because you don't want to find me camped out in your barn one day!

  6. and I moan sometimes? keep warm my friend x

  7. My perfect NIGHTMARE. OK if one can stay indoors with central heating; but otherwise....YUK. My sympathy to the critters, and to yourselves.

  8. I was worn out just reading about your chores! Enjoy your coffee cake and stay warm. :)