Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Mom...

I am caught between two worlds. I love the technology of the Internet, I am an info junkie, a blog buffoon, a digital photo freak, a Book of Face lover but I hate how those very things have so destroyed real face to face communication.

A nephew of mine recently enlisted in the Marines. He is allowed letters. Period. No twitters or status updates, no blue tooth on his ear. Just letters.

So that is what he is getting from me. My recent ramblings about nothing sent to him 2 and 3 times a week, reminded me how much I loved getting letters from my folks all those years (10) that I lived in South Dakota. They were both excellent letter writers.

So, in their honor, one resolution of mine this year will be more letter writing. It's a soon to be lost art if we don't get busy with our pens.


  1. I love this resolution. My grandma was very tech savi. She passed this fall and Grandpa is not techie at all. He is lonely without and also missing his connect to the family so we are all writing him real letters and I got photos of my boys printed out to mail him. These skills are important. A real letter is a hug from a friend.

  2. You're right of course, I'm getting lazy with the ease of firing off an email.

  3. Nothing like receiving a hand written letter-such a rarity these days.

    Great job sending letters to your nephew-I'm sure they are his lifeline to home. Tell you nephew "thank you" for me.

  4. You are so right about letter writing becoming a lost art. I used to diligently write to my folks, until my stepmom took a computer course at the library and got email! I know your nephew will treasure those letters.

  5. I agree, we must work hard to not make penning a letter a thing of the past. I work hard to send letters, cards and notes to others. My daughters have been hard-core taught to send written thank-you notes --- it makes me so proud. To see the words written by a loved one is so different from reading words on a computer screen. I remember when my husband and I were separated due to military life, I'd get his hand-written letters with his little drawings and I'd hold them close to my felt like having a piece of him with me.

    Oh gosh...

  6. But, surely, that's was blogging is. Letter writing with no particular recipient. Perhaps you should print-off each of your contributions, pop it into an envelope, and forward it to Mr Marine.

  7. I'm with you! I miss letter writing and some time ago, I had all the fancy stationary and such, but no one writes here! Ooh, let's be pen pals!

    Better yet, I think we should start a movement on TRF. You want to start some penmanship amongst the farming set? ;)

  8. So true!! I called one of my best friends yesterday - we hadn't actually talked on the phone for months! I think we rely on the info in FB way too much. Which reminds me....I think I'll go call my grandma now.