Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goin' Downtown to Chinatown

We've been invaded. Rooster Haven for sure. We just lost control. One minute we have a cute nest full of fuzzy itsy bitsy chicks and the next we have Roosterzilla and all his hoodlum friends terrorizing the female Chickie's of the farm. Over run with uppity male birds.

What are going to do?

Roostbusters. We called them. Seems there is quite a demand for good farm raised chicken and especially roosters in the Chicago Chinatown Restaurant arena. A friend of a friend knew another friend who knew this here guy who came to the farm and checked out our rooster goods yesterday.

He was also making eyes at our Drakes, the male ducks that have also grown well here on all the free feed a bird can get.

So, a deal was struck and hands were  (This is why my novel isn't finished) and then tonight, when the sun went down and the roosters were asleep on their perches, the guy showed up with his...uh...board. Yes, his board. Seems if you back a long thick board up to the back of a rooster he'll step backwards onto it. From there you slowly lower it to the ground where your poultry partner just picks the rooster up off the board. Cool huh?

33 roosters were selected for this honor along with 9 drakes. All will travel to Chinatown in Chicago where they will be highly sought after by many oriental chefs.

Yes. Money was exchanged. It seems only fair. Those birds have had the run of the place, Free room and board, warm shelter (often on the back of a huge Red Wattle with an internal temp of 103 degrees.) and no responsibilities. Nada. Wait. There was one. They did eat a lot of bugs, but as insect control...they can be replaced quite easily by all the hens we are keeping.

So next time you eat a big dish of Bang Bang Chicken or General Tso's Chicken or even Szechuan Hot Chicken Salad you can rest easier knowing it might very well have been raised humanely, free range-ly, on a small organic farm in Central Illinois.

More rice wine please.  Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra 


  1. That board trick is so cool! I can't imagine roosters coming easily. Wondering why the Chinese prefer roosters over hens?

  2. I wonder if the chickens go cruck cruck cruck now to fit in?

  3. Ahhh, your birds are all big city now, ay?

    I believe the work is "shook" but I'm not a fan of the AP stylistics for writing, anyway! ;)

  4. It's their destiny. It's also their duty!

    The word is SHAKEN.

  5. Definitely shaken, not stirred.

    Oh ... that's another fancy city thing! :)

  6. What a great arrangement!! Holy cow, 33 roosters?! It was definitely time to send them down to Chinatown ;) I love the idea that not all oriental cuisine food isn't questionable meat, and ofcourse, the fa ra ra ra ra - hilarious!

  7. So funny - your post finale' made me laugh out loud...fa ra ra ra ra indeed. A humane and fitting end for the well cared for boys.

  8. Fab idea with the board.

    And here's me with too many roosters, making room for them 'cause I can't dispatch them.

    "Hi, is that Mr Chung's Takeaway?..."

  9. It was definitely time for rooster road trip. I also wonder 'why roosters?', but it must be a man thing.

  10. Thank you everyone for your great comments. No, I have no idea why the folks in Chinatown prefer roosters. A question I need to ask.

    And Miss Effie "Shaken not stirred" are one funny bird

  11. Board huh? That is very interested. A trick learned in the old country perhaps.

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