Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who took my tenderloin ?!?

One of the most difficult tasks of our still fairly new meat business (we're about 18 months old) is the tracking of the meat. When did it go to the locker ? How many pigs or beef went to the locker ? WHICH LOCKER ? Who is the meat intended for ? A private customer ? A restaurant ? Our store ? Or is it just the average run of the mill political bribe ?

 Do not scoff. Our bacon has quite a reputation for whole house salivation. In fact, if I'm needing to get somewhere faster than usual, I just tape a pound of bacon to the window of my Ford Transit Connect (I'm still hoping FORD will get off their duffs and make me an official spokes farmer). If I happen upon the good cop just doing his job, I'll slow just enough to tear off the package of bacon , dropping it onto the hood of said squad car. This diversion and /or "Thank You" for his or her outstanding community service often gets me a few miles out of his radar range while he scrambles out of his vehicle to retrieve his prize.

But really , how do I document such ? Its my job as retired RN, turned midlife farmwife, turned secretary,  turned bookkeeper, turned her ankle running for the last piece of Tiramisu, to know where the beef is. I've tried several methods. I even wrote some information on a piece of paper once. But as our business has grown it became obvious that my record keeping needed to mature. So I came up with the dreaded form.

Yes, a form. One to be completed as meat was taken to the locker, and updated as meat was picked up. It looks like this:

Oh wait. Wrong form. This is the one we give to the locker so they have the customers information. Hmmm I wonder where I put that other form I was telling you about. You know the one about...about...oh forget it.
Good night.


  1. Forms are my thing!! I love forms... they are sooo much fun and sometimes they even work. You should see the snazzy "ACCESS" form my sister in law and I came up with to track all the RWHA membership stuff. It only frustrates me some of the time now. LOL

    :^) Chin up sister.... I smell spring on the wind!

  2. forms forms forms.....what did we do before forms eh?