Monday, February 28, 2011

Stop and Smell The Garlic -William Shatner

And a few more,

          “What garlic is to food, insanity is to art.”
                              Augustus Saint-Gaudens quotes

          A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat”
                            Proverb quotes

            England and the English.   As a rule they will refuse even to sample a foreign dish, they regard  such things as garlic and olive oil with disgust, life is unlivable to them unless they have tea and puddings”
                                      George Orwell quotes (English Novelist)

           “Following the Jewish tradition, a dispenser of schmaltz (liquid chicken fat) is kept on the  table to  give the vampires heartburn if they get through the garlic defense.”
                            Calvin Trillin quotes (American Writer, b.1935

Yeah, Garlic is the topicof late  in this Midlife Farmwifes home. As we continue to learn about organic treatments for dairy cows, beef and hogs, we continue to be surprised. Recently we discovered through  the world-wide-spider-web- that -sucks- you- in -and -rarely- lets- go, that garlic is an excellent livestock wormer. Its true, many parasitologist's say so. (No, not  Dr. Ross Geller you goof, everyone knows he was a lyricist, not a parasitologist. Did you not see the synthesizer episode ?)

That reference to Dr Geller is made with specific deference to one shall be unnamed oldest son who is the next in my tribe to turn 30, the same son who recently tried to tell me I could not be in the real   Friends  fan club because I made a derogatory statement about Ross. But listen up sonny boy. this is my blog and I can mock any over grown pseudo professor who thinks being  "on a break"  gives him license to play around with another woman, if I so choose.

Oh wait. A flashback. Not mine but my Aunt Bernie's. Anyone can have their own flashbacks, I sometimes help out the elderly by channeling their flashbacks for them. It was 1950 or so and her sister Mary was cooking supper when her mother, my grandmother, Josephine came into the kitchen. She was mad, she was hopping mad, because she smelled garlic. Finding the source in a pan of beef she yanked it off the stove, marched to the back door and flung the pan out into the back yard. She then announced to her daughter Mary, "don't you ever EVER bring that stuff into my home again !"  And no one ever did.

It was that very story that ran itself around in my head a couple of days ago as I measured the organic garlic powder out of the one pound bulk bags into the small Glad bags which jolts me right now into another flashback. In the 1970's I  heard about kids who would buy marijuana in plastic bags called "Baggies". So did they later get called "Glad" bags because of the happy merchandise being sold in them during the Moody Blues Era or were they called "Glad" bags first which made it even more logical to package the mood altering drug in them VS borrowing some of your  mothers burping Tupperware containers. If that had caught on  then I guess we'd have grown up driving around endlessly trying to score  a $5 "burpies"

Have mentioned yet that I was up late last night meeting a grant application outline and therefore slept little ?
Have mentioned yet that I was up late last night meeting a grant application outline and therefore slept little ?

Oh, I'm sorry I did not see you raise your hand.
Yes, the garlic. We bought some, we measured it out based on hog weight, we smelled it all over the house,
we fed it for a week and now we wait and see and re-treat if necessary. If it works on the grandkids we'll try it on the swine. We also read somewhere that it is possible and quite cheap to buy an inexpensive microscope and  a few slides, smear some hog manure on the slide and check for some charming Metastrongylus and his friend Sir Strongyloides on our own.
And you people wonder why I like making soap?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. I've been perusing your site and I just have to tell you how much I LOVE your voice; I have laughed out loud several times this afternoon. Oh, and the content's not to shabby either!
    I'm going now to add you to my reader; thanks for brightening my day.