Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Death of a Snow Salesman

Well the hype was good, the reporting excellent, the results ? Almost up to snuff. Not as much snow as fast as 1967 but still impressive on its own merit. It took Keith many hours to finish chores today and in fact the morning chores just ran into the evening chores. At least the wind died down but then again the temperature has dropped.  Not much of a break.

So just as a reminder..the chicken house yesterday morning:

The chicken house late this afternoon:

Some other points of interest here on South Pork Ski Resort in Central Illinois:

Yeah, the back porch and main door of entry. Not for awhile. We've been going in and out of the chimney.

And this here would be the drift blocking the farm store. Several folks called today to see if we were open. Well, we were out and about and caring for animals (Keith did 95% of that today) but there was no way anyone was going to make it up our driveway. About an hour ago our good neighbor Neil came with his big monster tractor and bulldozed a path to our house. So tomorrow morning we are good to go. (Thank you Neil, thank you very much !) And then finally here is Keith doing the hard work of shoveling wet snow out of the calf hutches . I came by a few moments later with dry straw to rebed them. The End.


  1. Hey, Miss Donna, as we say here in the South. That's a familiar eye and half-smile I see in your picture. I remember the "good ole days" at St. James. Seems we had a few, huh? But now is so much a farm wife, me a library worker. And then there's my Kris, who is another farm wife (but she prefers to be called a farmer). Your blog is great! I'll keep up with you now. If you don't remember me, ask Kris. She can fill you in.

  2. Oh how I hope none of your calves or pigs get the scours from the stress of this storm. Keeping them dry is a lot of the battle as you know but I've had mine dry and the howling wind upset them so much they got sick anyway. Keep plugging along, spring has to show up sometime. Then of course we could all be slushing in mud when it arrives. LOL Each season has its challenges.

  3. Ah snowflakes. All by them selves not much..but when they get together..

  4. Ah snowflakes. All by them selves not much..but when they get together..