Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Its my party and I'll sigh if I want to

Started my new job this past weekend. CEO of South Pork Ranch's Pediatric Future Farmer Division. The hours are reasonable, every weekend Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon. The benefits are even better than the hours. I have three full days to totally indoctrinate our grandchildren in regards to any and all things. I also have the potential to eat pancakes three times a day. I can read "The Giving Tree" as many times , out loud of course, as I please and I can stay up until the last one of THEM falls asleep.

The pay will not show up on a paper stub or even in an e-deposit to my account but rather the pay will dribble in when I least expect it, often with bonus pay.

Like two nights ago when the 3 year old grandson was sleeping with me as he was still struggling with his cough due to cold. As we lay together in my huge full size bed (The papa had been willingly relocated to the living room couch) I thought said grandson had fallen asleep. I turned my back to him and snuggled into my own pillows. Just as I started having that really great dream  about Aiden Quinn choosing me over loop nut job Susannah in Legends of the Fall , I felt my grandsons little chubby hand run through my hair and then drape across my face. So sweet so very very sweet. Wait...somethings smells a little funny...and feels a little wet. Could it be ? Why yes it is, some leftover puke on the grandson's shirt sleeve from his last vomiting bout.

Like I said, the benefits are tremendous.

Wes demonstrates the age old use of socks as gloves while Allana nurtures her snow baby.
and Nicole cares for her packing tape restrained doll. Yup, all normal here on the farm front.

And now a postscript to blog friend HR
     Dear HR,
          Your words of encouragement and advice were more helpful than you will ever know. Many many thanks from one Midlife Farmwife Grandmother to another.


  1. I'm thinking of you this morning as the oldest is beside me moaning, then making a dash for the bathroom. Yup, we've got it here too. The youngest is real fussy. I hope she isn't next The middle child is rubbing the moisture on the window with her hands making smears, though she's been ask a million times not too. I guess she just earned window cleaning chores today.LOL Oh, to be just Grandma once more aa...h it seems such a simple task right now but the Lord needs us in a far greater role and so we step up and say, "Here I am Lord, send me." And though we move at a much slower pace, wondering how we will keep up, we open our arms and envelope the little ones the Lord has given into our care. I pray daily that he will make us each up to our tasks.

  2. Actually I'm jealous. My grandson is a state away and going to see him involves advance planning and the cooperation of the weather and the good will of our truck. Sighh... but tomorrow we are going to KY!!! and I am going to play with my grandson and visit with my kids. YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!