Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stormageddan 2011 Day Two

The wind howled all night but my plastic window coverings from Kmart held up, keeping the snow drifts out of our bedroom. Seems Chicago got hit the hardest with over 17 inches and another 3-5 predicted for this morning. Here on the farm ?  Can't tell. In fact, at this point all of our house doors are drifted shut. I was able to get the back door open enough to see this

Pushing my arm out the lower back door and pointing the camera towards the chicken house, I saw this:

Now at first glance you might think "Big deal ! I can still see ground "  Yes you can in the foreground of this pic but go back...waaay back. First to the picket fence. The top of that fence is four foot and then back towards the chicken house (left of center) and its obvious the drifts are taller than that. So the real question is , will I venture out to get better shots or just promise Keith all kinds of wonderful breakfast foods if he does all the chores ?


  1. The paper today said you were one of the hardest hit, 16 inches. Without drifts of course. Stay warm and safe! We love you!!

  2. I totally know what you are dealing with! Knock on wood, we've been lucky so far this year. Last winter was a totally different story - we had two blizzard's in one week and then another foot a few days later just to top things off. All in all over 5 ft of snow. It was bloody awful!

  3. Know about the feed extra and bed deep in case you can't get out because of visibility and us, impassable roads. We've been know to hoof it across the prairie the mile and a half when the snow lets up to get the critters tended. You have far more chores to do than we do and so my sympathy is with you especially since milking does not give you much lee way time. I bet your sled came in real handy and I hope the snowfall is done for a while.