Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring is here !!!

Really, when I woke this morning I saw robins in the yard and pink and yellow tulips blooming under the trees.  A lovely pastoral scene was noted by our old tractor.

Then I wiped the NyQuil dribble off my chin, shook my head and reality came slamming into me. Keith reads from the thermometer "Its -8 out there"  I glare at him. Always with the lively chit chat that one. Thirty minutes late he announces "Its up to +5 " Like he is the town crier or something. Have I had my 10th cup of coffee yet ? I have not. Please everyone, stop talking.

Soon I will bundle up my chubbed up self and start feeding/watering any animal Keith is not currently milking. I will be layered well. My fear of course is that I will slip and fall in the ice and snow and be unable to rise. I will be forced to roll about the farmyard looking for help like some camouflaged female gorilla desperately seeking her George of The Jungle.(My insulated overalls are green camo colored. I bought them 4 years ago when they were on sale. Hmmmm women's size XL camo insulated coveralls and no one was buying them. Go figure)

Spring. Your appearance is strongly requested.

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