Monday, January 24, 2011

You Take the High Road and I'll Take a Nap

Me last summer. The heat always gets to me. I prefer the cold.
Really, I'm serious. I just want to nap. Phones off, drapes pulled, blanket over my head. Not a long nap. Just that brief kind to reset all your buttons, reconnect the loose synapses, readjust the worn down connections. Just a little snooze that lasts oh, say...three or four weeks. After that I'm sure I'll be fine.


  1. Sometimes a little nap is the best exercise we can do. I kinda like the early afternoon one..

    My theory is it's our minds saying " time for a reboot.."

    Wow Big layout change. Very artsy.

    And thanks for the reminder that I was asleep at the blog switch..

  2. Naps are good any time of the year!!