Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Story of M

We love our customers. No one has better customers than we do. No one.

Yesterday was a busy day. Many customers came to the farm store.  Some had called ahead (not required unless you are getting milk for the first time) some were just drop- bys. Then "M" called. A tragic accident had just occurred in her home, in Chicago. Her beloved dog had knocked over her bottle of farm fresh raw milk. All that goodness now coating her floor. There was a bit of panic in her voice. "May I drive down and get more ?"

Of course.

So late evening as dark descended "M" made the TWO HOUR trek to our farm and replensihed her milk supply. Then she stopped at the store and picked up some meat. Keith gave her directions home and off she went down the dark and lonely country road.

A few minutes latter, a phone call. "M" was stuck in a ditch. She had gotten disoriented by the snow covered road thinking the ditch to her right was another lane ! Poor Dorothy we thought, she's not in Kansas anymore. We hopped in the truck, tow rope in hand and found her about a mile from our farm.

She was so embarrassed and apologetic. Keith hooked up the rope and I pulled her vehicle with the truck while Keith pushed. She was out in no time. Directions and encouragement were given again. Off she went. Eager, I am sure, to return to the safety in numbers she was accustomed to in the big city.

Thanks "M" for loving our milk soooo much you would drive 4 hours to get more. YOU are the customer of the month. A prize ? Yes, she does deserve a prize. What shall it be ? Ideas ?

"M" in disguise. She is our hero

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  1. You can't buy customers like that! That's a story to keep for the venture capitalists when they want to turn your enterprise global..