Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time for a long soak

Many years ago when I was a young, innocent, blushing bride, oh wait, that wasn't me. Anyway, many years ago when I had been married to Keith just a few months, he told me the biggest lie of all time. He said, and I quote, "Don't worry, things always quiet down in the winter." Funny guy. Hee-lair-e-us. Life on the farm never "quiets down" but it does shift focus from one season to the next.

As I mentioned in earlier blogs this month, we are in full planning mode. Except that we are continually interrupted by farm life itself which makes the planning part laborious. So on occasion when the timing is right and son Jason is free to do chores (he works full time for another farmer because THIS farmer can't yet afford to hire him full time but one day...) the husband and I take off for some R and R. Sometimes all we can spare is a few hours. We'll leave after morning chores, go out for lunch, visit a few antique stores, and then arrive back at the ranch in time for evening chores.

The time away may be short but it helps.

The best trips are the ones where we actually get to stay away overnight, Again its rare and depends solely on the relief milkers schedule , but when it happens we are so very appreciative. Giddy in fact. But until that opportunity comes again I'll just have to be content with a long soak in our claw foot tub upstairs. Once I clean it out. I told you, housekeeping has been on the bottom of my list lately.

A little piece of heaven at The Burren Perfumery, County Clare , Ireland

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  1. We don't have near the animals you do, but, I can appreciate the "trying" to find time for yourselves. I was lucky until this past year - my daughter would stay and take care of things for us. But, all good things must come to an end and it did when she moved to another state...

    I guess I'll forgive her ;-)