Friday, January 7, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Finally, after a week of playing around with blog design and colors, font size and type, gadgets and gidgets, I believe I am satisfied (for now) with the final results. My hardest struggle was with the picture behind my blog title. (Scroll up) I played with several farm pictures I'd taken of our own place, our own critters but none of them felt exactly right. Then tonight when I came home from Springfield and I started making dinner for my own farmhand I noticed this old cookbook on my counter.

My mother-in-law Lois gave it to me and I loved it the minute I saw it.  How could I not ? The farm wife on the cover looks just like me ! That softly curling brown hair, her tender smile, that diminutive waist. The way she rings that bell with so much power causing men and boys to RUN to her. And how about that bow on her apron.? Pure perfection. She is one all together glamorous  farm wife. Yup. Dairy Barbie. That's me.

Is the picture copyrighted you ask ? I'm looking into that right now. The cookbook was published in 1945. Not sure if they even had laws back then. Certainly not laws about what a individual could and could not eat. I mean most of the recipes in it call for REAL BUTTER and RAW MILK, can you imagine ?!?! (Like this chick ever ate real butter. Much more likely she was smearing it all over her face to keep it wrinkle-free  while  she paid her neighbor Fat Georgia to do all the cooking 'cause anyone with half a brain in their head knows skinny farmwifes couldn't make an edible biscuit if their perfect little life wrapped up in the perfect little apron depended on it.) Did I just write that out loud ?


  1. Without knowing what I was clicking on, your grandson saw the picture and announced "That looks like YaYa and Papa." Perfection indeed. :)

  2. Not only has she a Barbie waist but look real close. Look at those skinny arms. Now any farm wife knows, especially one who milks cows and the like, those arms are way to skinny to lift a hay bale or the fore arms are not wide enough to show she's been milking cows for a long time let along kneading bread dough. Yup, someone in hollywood posed for that one.