Sunday, January 30, 2011

I need a hobby.

Just one hobby. My problem is I want to do so much. My "bucket list " is now into Volume 8. I start one hobby and then decide I want to do another and another. First it was decorative painting. Then birdhouses out of gourds, then skydiving, (I can dream people) then photography (which I still love and play with) and now I'm goofing around with soaps, late at night when  I should be sleeping.

My newest venture started out looking like regurgitated pea soup.

I was sure this would be another fine batch for the home only supply. But as soap can do when heat and lye are involved, it morphed into this...

Now isn't that interesting ? A softer green and the little globs of whatever it was are going away. So I cut it into bars and 7 days after that I am rewarded with this...

Ingredients: Organic cows milk, organic coconut oil, lye, palm oil, olive oil, Tuberose essential oil and purple coloring
Isn't that cool ? Like dessert sand, or moon dust or residue from the nearby hazardous waste processing plant. I love it !  And the stuff actually lathers up very nicely and took on the the right amount of the Tuberose scent I added. So I named it after Elpheba. You don't know Elpheba ? You probably are not familiar with the Gilikinese either are you ? Read much ?  Elpheba or "Elphie" as I lovingly refer to her as, is the Wicked Witch of the West. In the book Wicked her side of the Oz story is finally told. An extremely hard to put down book. (Thank you Raven). Elpheba is hard on the outside but has a very sweet center. Just like my soap. Buy some now ($4.50 a bar S&H included) before the Jikinoph police call and make me stop using her name.

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  1. Nice soap! I loved Wicked!

    Someday I may try to make soap. I'm just a little shy with mixing some of these ingredients, like lye...