Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hillbilly Transportation

This is my Gator. Minus the wheels, and the engine and a seat and a few other accessories. Don't get me wrong. Keith and I are far from Amish, (hmmm "Far from Amish " another  great name for a band) but our equipment list is on the small side or I should say the very used side. We have two tractors. I call them the Big Tractor and The Kubota. We do not have any of those 3 or 4 wheeled devices that are great for smaller chores so we invented this modern marvel, the Milk Mobile. Fairly simply to operate which works well since the operator herself is fairly simple. One loads the milk bottles into a crate to avoid  tippage, then positions herself in front of the purple plastic and then PULLS towards the area of desire. PUSHING is possible but impractical since the sleds back end is knee high to a raccoon. (Yes raccoons have knees, could you try focusing ?!?)

The sled was rescued by Keith years ago on a drive by dumpster road trip. Annoyed once again, I ignored the additional inventory until the first snow following its acquisition. Seems the designer of said sled knew of what he was molding. The dang thing slid well through the snow even with a very full load of calf bottles. Certainly much easier than this Midlife Farmwife dragging her rusty red wagon through the drifts.


  1. OMG, I just read your post on The Beekman website! You're so funny! Seriously, though; when do you sleep?
    Keep up the cool work! Kind regards, Leigh

  2. Smarter than I'd have done it. I would have put the bottles in two four gallon buckets and hefted them to the calves. Any labor saving device at such an economical price is a huge blessings as far as I'm concerned.

  3. I love sleds!! They are good for hauling so many things. I've even used on in the summer to skid rocks from one place to another.
    Who needs wheels? lol ;^)

  4. We have that same model of "gator", except ours is black. It's used to haul5 gallon buckets of water out to the horses twice a day.