Thursday, March 11, 2010

Van Gogh

This is Van Gogh, the Red Wattle. He has a bit of an ear problem. The right one is bent. He came to us that way all cocked to one side. Cute little pig. The older he gets the flatter that ear lies against his head. Once while pouring milk into their  feed pan he stuck his head under the bucket and got an ear wash . He didn't seem to mind. Recently  I saw him laying on the ground with his butt up in the air and that ear flat against the ground. I think he was listening for trains. I like Van Gogh.


  1. I think he's pointing to something. Make sure you watch him carefully on Wednesday, it might be a Pot 'O Gold.

  2. "Van Gogh , whats wrong ? Is Timmy in a well ? Which way Van Gogh, which way ?!"