Friday, March 12, 2010

Complaint Department

While doing chores this am I was approached by one of our resident goats. Purdy. She was ticked off about the fact that all I seem to care about lately is pigs. She pointed out that other animals of South Pork Ranch are expecting little ones and how come I never blog about any of THEM ?!. She then flounced off. It was at that point I noticed her very round belly. Seems she was right, others were indeed in the family way. So Purdy, my little caprine friend, I aplologize.  Here are a couple photos of you and might I add, both of your sides are looking pretty fine for a middle aged goat in her last trimester. 
 And when your kids come forth I promise to take lots of pictures. Maybe we could even run the baby pigs and goats together for a group photo ? No ?

1 comment:

  1. How many goats do you have and are they part of the dairy or what is their purpose on the farm? I'm with Purdy of course she hasn't been in the spotlight enough. And how about the barn cats surely you have some? lol