Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you my mother ?

Yesterday, my two sons Colton and Jason and I went outside to play with the pigs. Yes, we do have a TV. What's your point ? Our babies are made up of two litters born a week apart from two sows. Co-nursing began almost immediately and the group mingles in other ways as well. Especially at playtime. Debs babies, born first and now 3 weeks old, are all reddish pink and full Red Wattle . Dots babies, born a week later are only half Red Wattle and smaller overall. Some are red, some pink and one is this crazy yellow- red with black leopard spots. She cannot be missed.
 I laid down in the hogcienda with mother Dot happily nursing to my left and babies playing in the front of me. I stayed in one place snapping away while they would run up to us , run away, run around each other, around us, nurse, get up, come closer.
And then they would get a little closer.

And then they started to get sleepy,  And a little sleepier,
 And then...good night piglets.

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