Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Logo. Same place.

The decision to change our name was not an easy one. We had been Green Acres Farm for 15 years. It worked well for us in this small neck of the woods but when we began to offer our product in the Chicago area it became more confusing. Seems a few others had thought Green Acres was a nice name for their farm too !

So after several corporate meetings (Keith and I and the occasional drop by adult child) and some secret voting (I hid my ballot under my pillow), we hit upon South Pork Ranch. "South" because we are south of  I-80, "Pork" because our hog business is growing much faster than our dairy business , and "Ranch" because no one has a ranch in central Illinois. Everyone has farms. I spent 10 years in South Dakota where everyone had ranches but no farms. And I have a soft spot (in my head) for SD being as two of my children were born there. And finally we liked it because "South Pork" sounded  like South Fork and South Park, both humorous shows in their own way.

The new logo was designed by niece Micah Tompkins and originally consisted of a large hog and dancing cow and twirling duck. Very very cute but I knew it was a little busy for a logo. So I found professional Ramona Killin on Ebay. Yes, Ebay, and we struck a deal. She played with the logo so it still looked like the original but was more print worthy . Its friendly and cheerful and still reminds us of the small family farm we are. Your thoughts ?

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