Monday, March 8, 2010

The quiet before the storm

This is our daily calendar attached to the wall in our office at home. The blank days are the ones where we did the usual chore stuff that never gets written on the board. It is just a "given". Before I erase the February activities and add the April ones I thought I would take a few seconds to reflect  on what we have accomplished. I have such a drive towards TOMORROW and rarely enjoy what we have done yesterday. Bad habit. Part of it is due to my  Catholic uprising. Nuns who braved war torn countries and came to the U.S. with no personal possessions and paper thin shoes on their feet had little patience to praise me or others when we finally printed the letter "S" correctly. They were not being mean but compared to what they had endured they had little time to waste on mamby pamby kids who could not print clearly. They had WORK to do.

Now, there is a statue of limitations (pun by accident) when its comes to nun blaming. I carried forth with my "Lets go. lets go !" attitude all by myself into my adult years.Always thinking about the next job that must be done I am neglectful when it comes to enjoying the flowers blooming at my feet. Thus the reason for taking a little more time than needed to plan Aprils calendar.

In the first week of March we cared for 39 pigs, over 100 cows, and numerous smaller animals. We milked them, bedded them and fed them. We hosted one family intership and served over 10 direct -to- the -farm customers, I started the training of my mare Nora for our 3 day professional training in August. I painted half the kitchen and sanded part of the floor. We made meals, cared for grand kids, shopped and visited Aunt Bernie. We picked up new (huge) feeders for the hogs, attended farm mtgs and started new Facebook pages. Welding of the next hogcienda was accomplished as was a total of 24 night shift hours . Hired help (two sons) spread manure and helped with above mentioned tasks. We even managed to  watch one horrible Nicholas cage movie. We did more than many folk and a lot less than others. All in one week and yet my mind is constantly spinning about what to do NEXT. Craziness I tell you.

Today, I pledge when I go out to do chores, to spend a little more time enjoying the crisp fog, the new piglets , the blades of green green grass coming through the brown thatch.(Mow is me) Soon, it will be spring and our work load will double. So today is the day to slow it down just a notch. Forgive me Sister Mary Gerard, I know not what I do.

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