Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Plant it and they will come.

July 29, 2009

When my husband first told me months ago we were going to plant SorghumXSudan Grass, I did my usual smile and nod trick. I know a large amount about what goes on around our farm and there is a large amount I don't know. And at that time I had no idea why he wanted to plant some syrupy grass from an Mid Eastern country . Turns out its not sticky at all (until it breaks down a little), its available right here in the US of A and it will help us meet the nutritional needs our 100% grass fed herd. It is also a frost sensitive, warm season erect annual grass that proves to be quite drought resistant. So he planted it, and it grew. Then came time to prepare it for winter silage.

We're small farmers. We have small equipment. So at times we need to hire friends and neighbors to help with certain tasks. This was one of those times

First came the Schaeffer family who hauled in
their bagger/chopper and sileage wagons.

Following them was Matt Stork who brought forth his hay mower and tractor. (Matt had cut the grass for us the day before). Our son Jason came by to help as well. So with the sun shining above the work began


The grass after being cut before chopping began

Gathering up the grass with the chopper and
blowing it into the wagon.

Transferring the sileage from the wagon into the bagger.

The completed bag filled full with sileage to be used this next winter.

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