Thursday, July 2, 2009

Don't Tread on Me

July 2, 2009 NAIS

Thomas Jefferson said it best,

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have ."

NAIS , the National Animal Identification System Illustrates this perfectly. Put simply, NAIS is the USDA's proposed plan to identify every single livestock animal in the United States. Incidently, the proposed plan was never voted into law by Congress and was supposed to be a three step "voluntary program". The law requires that each animal will be tagged or microchipped and their movement will be tracked, logged and reported to our government. The benefit is for the huge factory farms only as they will be allowed to do single ID's for large group of animals. Small farmers like us , households who raise 4-H animals, and homesteaders raising meat for their own use, will have to identify AND TAG every single farm animal. Yes, that means every chicken, every duck, every pig, every pony. Even Aunt Bessie with her one egg a day chicken will have to register her home as a "farm premise", obtain a premise ID, tag or microchip her Chicken Little, file the paperwork, and pay the fees.

There are no exceptions under the NAIS plan if passed in its current form.The USDA slipped this through the back door and past several states before residents were aware it was happening. Wisconsin was blind-sided in 2006 and residents are working desperately to have the law repealed. The cost of tagging and recording all these animals, their owners, and the farms they come from will be cost prohibitive to the average farmer, causing even more family farms to close their barn doors for good. Additional program costs will eventually be passed onto YOU, in the form of higher food prices to start, and other methods of finance reimbursement to the government not yet defined of course. Think increased taxes.

Educate yourself about NAIS. Get involved. Write your representative. Go to

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