Saturday, July 25, 2009

Got Milk ? (From a real cow ?)

July 25, 2009

Hubbie Keith and middle son Jason were vendors today at the first, soon- to- be-annual "Old Time Country Carnival and Fair" held in Bonfield , Illinois. Faith's Farm , owner Kim Snyder, was the host of this event which offered many farm specific attractions such as the opportunity to milk a cow. Enter us. Green Acres Farm. Keith and Jason brought one of our gentlest cows and our youngest calf and allowed people to actually TOUCH said animals. Those brave enough were allowed to try their hand(s) at milking. Keith reported a crowd of over 400, many coming from the Chicago area. Vendors were also wide spread, some from small farms like us, some from the high end restaurants of the city looking for supplies of organic/natural meats and produce. Keith also sold quite a bit of our pre-packaged meat and added names to our list of future beef and pork customers.

The Kankakee Journal sent staff to the event and both my guys were interviewed and photographed with chefs from Chicago. Watch the paper for the story soon. Sadly I have no pics of the event itself to post here, as our Green Acres Photographer (moi) was wasting the day away sleeping. (Yes, I worked last night, 12 hr shift, feel sorry for me). But I did scan the flyer. Thanks Kim for including us in this great event.

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