Friday, May 3, 2013

Turkey Love

When she was three she insisted on bringing home a dead caterpillar. It didn't  start out dead it just sorted of ended up that way after being played with all day. A woolly little cutie we thought she'd forget about it on the 30 mile trip home to her mothers house.

She did not.

So I left it in the bathroom and prepared her bath and figured after she wound down and was ready for bed she'd forget about it. She did not. She went to sleep with it close by and I believe she kept it close for a couple days until my daughter, her mother, finally said "enough" and pitched the creepy crawly.

So when a friend of ours gave us a turkey baby last summer and our grand daughter attached herself to it, we were not surprised. Although Allana does love puppies and kitties she is equally happy about baby bugs, tiny snakes, squeeling piglets and a goofy turkey.

The turkey was named Banana and she believes Allana is her mother. When the GK's come to the farm that ridiculous turkey runs across the yard to meet her . They are such chums that Banana even allows Allana to cuddle her, pick her up and carry her around. She has been so tamed she was an easy mark for last years Christmas card. She's the one in my lap.

Now weighing about 30 pounds the turkey is a monster compared to our 8 year old granddaughter  but this fact bothers neither of them. Bing hauled around by a human is a great way for the child to strengthen her upper body and a an even better way to make a bird feel loved.

Have you hugged your turkey today?


  1. I think most children would love animals, if they were given the chance. It's up to us that they get to meet. A child who cares for animals is usually a much more caring person all round. Well done Allana.

  2. I can understand Allana. Children love animals. And they also kind of need them for developing the capability of caring and loving. And even Banana is happy.

  3. Love your Christmas card - brilliant photo.

    Is that turkey going to ever make it to the table or will it die of old age? I'm guessing the latter :) Lovely to see such an attachment from both of them.

  4. Smart move by Banana too.. come Thanksgiving.

  5. Ha ha ha! Rusty duck's comment has me giggling over here!

    We do have to expose the tots to animals, so they get the chance to grow big and strong immune systems too!

    Besides - that's a good looking bird.

  6. That is so cute -- and what a lovely turkey! When my daughter was a child she became "mama" to a brood of goslings. Those fat fluffballs followed her all over the place (they'd have come in the house if I'd let them).

  7. 10.00 not a lot but what I can afford right now. Best of luck.

  8. That's a good looking blue slate. Does she have any spots? I'd love to have a few good looking ladies for our tom Gobber. He's very much the same way around our daughter. He's a very easy going old tom.