Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scrap Palace

Back in March when we hauled Sophie's bottom out to PA. Keith built her a nice little cabin that fit on the back of our pickup. That way we did not have to take our whole livestock trailer for just one pig.

Several of you saw pics of that pig palace on my post about the trip and asked for more photos of it. So, being the always agreeable, ask and you shall receive type of giver I you go. The pickup topper for pigs was designed and built by Keith with some help from our teen intern turned part time employee, Aaron.

Every piece of the creation was made with recycled wood from one farm project or another.
You might recall a post I did about another pig shelter (painted black and white like a Holstein, don't ask me why) that got blown apart from the inside out when Max the boar went after yet another girlfriend and the shelter couldn't contain them both. Well we used the remains of that hutch as the sides of this new deal.
The back doors were made of even more found lumber and the hinges were leftovers as well.
We took Sow Sophie on her cross country trip without the box yet being painted but after we got back home we assigned that task to niece Bridget who did the primer coat and Aaron who did the final barn red coat. Gotta love those teenagers in need of pocket cash. !
So there you have it.


  1. All farmers need to be multi-talented. It certainly looks like Keith IS.

  2. Why did you take Sophie to PA?

  3. Cro. Absolutely he is talented. Being able to deal with me 24/7 is his greatest talent of all.

    Linda, for a research program on Heritage Hogs

  4. Very nice. We need something like that. Maybe we'll take some notes!

  5. Looks sturdy and attractive, Donna. Is it easy enough to take the whole shebang on/off the pickup as needed?