Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Drive By Gifting

In the midst of fighting City Hall, so to speak, there is nothing more encouraging than those who stop by and leave random gifts. Really. I step away from the farm a few hours...again...and come home to a piece of craftsmanship that far exceeds my own artisan abilities.

I don't even sew, let alone weave. If my hems are long I turn to a stapler. If a button need attached, I reach for the superglue. Most buttons are only decorative anyway, right?  Button hole? I use scissors and one of the paper hole protectors. Yeah, you think I'm kidding.

I tried cross stitching in the early 80's and ended up sewing my fingers to my stomach.

You get the picture.

But I am not so dense when it comes to thread not to recognize real skill which is what Martha, my blog buddy has.

Twice now she has dropped by our  farm but we have yet to meet. I'm always running errands. Like organizing raw farmers against governments who have THEIR own best interests at heart, so after a long day of trouble making it is a sheer joy to come home to a gift like this.

To learn more about this amazing woman and what she is capable of doing with a loom please check out Martha Wickerts  ETSY PAGE   page. I shouldn't be the only one enjoying her creations. Just wouldn't be fair.


  1. From one Irish trouble maker to another, it is always a pleasure to drive by your farm and leave you a present! One of these days our schedules will mesh and we will meet in person.

    - Martha Witcher
    Thistle Rose Weaving

  2. This is beautiful. I'll have to check out the etsi page.

  3. The hand woven tea towel looks exactly like one my great grandmother made.

  4. Wow, that is fab. I wish I was a nicer farmerette and got gifts like that ;0)