Monday, May 20, 2013

Raw Milk Monday...This One is For Vernon

Please note: If you are new to my blog you can catch up on the reasons for my raw milk passion and the struggles our own farm have experienced, by reading any of the previous posts on the topic I have written over the last 3 years . To do so, simply enter "Raw Milk" in the search bar under the picture of our house, on the right.

Unable to make it to Wisconsin, South Pork Ranch Cows can only
chew their cud and wait for the trial results.
Do you know Vernon? Well, neither do I. We have not (yet) met but we are on the same team. Today his trail began in Wisconsin. Charged with four ridiculous counts, intent on ceasing his way of making a living for a family via the sales of raw milk and raw milk products,  he continues to stand strong for his beliefs. His commitment towards the provision of healthy food for his neighbors, his customers, his children has cost him time, money and the ability to provide for his children.

Yet, he stands strong and against those in our government who have so over reached their boundaries that they would threaten a hard working, God-fearing man with fines and jail time all because of raw milk sales.

Although our battles here for raw milk freedom have only just begun we are grateful to the leaders in this country and our neighbor Canada for showing us the way. Please read Vernon's story HERE. Keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers and if you are anywhere near that courthouse please swing by and show your support.

It became clear to us at our May 1 meeting with the Illinois Department  of Public Health that the raw milk farmers and consumers opinions are not at all supported or really welcomed.

Why else would the Dairy Work Group operate without the benefit of Roberts Rules of Order? Not a single motion was made or asked for the entire day regarding the proposed new rules. Not a single rule was removed from the list first generated by IDPH and it's initial committee deeply loaded with FDA, Big Dairy and representatives even though they were opposed by the raw milk farmers and consumers who filled the room that day.

Nor, have we, the Dairy Work Group (or at least not THIS member) of the work group received a single email from the work group's leader Molly Lamb IDPH Division Chair of the Food Drugs and Dairy Division containing the minutes of the May 1 mtg which are supposed to be approved by the Dairy Work Group within 30 days of the last meeting.

This means IDPH has just 7 days to get those minutes to us.

They have also not posted the June 11 Dairy Work Group mtg Conference call or our Face to Face mtg scheduled for July 16 on their IDPH WEB PAGE CALENDER. Seems like old habits, i.e. not following the Open Meeting Act of Illinois, are hard to break.


  1. I am in awe of your passion for this subject, and thank you for raising my awareness of it.

  2. Vera. Thank you. You know what they say "If you don't stand for something then you'll stand for anything" or something profound like that