Friday, August 31, 2012

And the walls...come tumbling down

Dear Jericho,

We only meant to take off the roof. The steel (on the side you can't see) wasn't all that old. less than 10 years, and would be useful for other projects. So with the help of trusty intern Aaron, the husband got to work. you might recall how the barn originally looked back in the late 1890's when it was built. Sorry, no pictures, I was born a wee bit later.

But when we bought the farm 17 years ago, the barn I speak of was already almost 100 years old. It was tough looking but fairly sturdy. We put goats in it. And sometimes chickens. And then Calves

Last year we put pigs in there and that was the beginning of the end. You might recall this picture
Blog follower Cro or was it Tom ? John ?  Walt? Alvin? One of them made the comment "Won't be long before they eat the whole thing. Well, it wasn't long at all.

But like I said, they had a little help from Keith and Company. Yes, we had moved all the pigs out of that lot before destruction day but still there were squatters to deal with.

One of our calves felt the need to explore the source of all the noise. Not finding the answers he needed down below he took things to the top level.

The calf came down on his own all safe and sound so you can cancel all those calls to PETA , OK?


  1. I adore the shot of the cow in the sky!

  2. Lucy, her name is lucy. And yes she is wearing diamonds

  3. I have a barn like that, now the sheep and goats use it for a ramp to get to the leaves and fruit at the top of the fig tree.

    Like the cow silhouette reminds me of a weather vane.

  4. Ah, great photo shoot! And now we know how best to tear down an old building. Let the pigs move in.

  5. Wasn't it a classified 'Ancient Monument'? Your cow thinks she's a goat.

  6. Great shots. Big jobs on a big farm! Love it.


  7. Great photos. Lucy looks like she's about to raise a flag and claim territorial rights.


  8. You two get to have all the fun! Great pics and good story from down on the farm.