Friday, August 10, 2012

By By Guys.

So 48 hours later and the Pity Party is over, more or less. Several thunderstorms passed through recently and although the rain still completely missed us it did hit those north of us and it brought in a brisk cool front.

80 degree days and 60 degree nights certainly boosted our spirits. Working outside is pleasurable again. I deeply appreciated all the comments I got on my last post, you folks are most excellent. Now, it's back to business.

Horses. I got horses, but not for long. It's time to say goodbye to the horses, (at least these two) for the following reasons.

I have issues. Back issues. This will be my first and hopefully last time to talk about physical woes on this blog as who needs to hear another middle aged goof whine about their decaying bod?  But 25 years of lifting, & pulling patients not to mention carrying a few doctors, coupled with one major lumbar surgery and 9 "minor" back procedures (anyone who refers to 6 inch needles being stuck between vertebra while fully conscious as "minor" must be some kind of...uh...nurse) has left me in the place I am now: unable to ride the bone jangling Quarter Horse.

I refuse to give up horses completely but these friendly fellows must go. Doolin the wonder donkey will stay. I wouldn't wish him on anyone. Farts constantly when he walks, interrupts conversations, refuses to keep his clothes on ,  stops, drops and rolls when you are in the middle of trimming his feet,  etc etc etc...

The actual horses Nora, the bay age 11, and Gus the Dunn, age 17  both have enough years left on them to be well enjoyed by someone with a back of steel as I move on to a steed that is smooth and loose, a gaited horse as they are referred to. Specifically I am looking for a Rocky Mountain Horse. I've done my research and I believe this breed will take me through middle age and beyond.

Rocky Mountain Horse in the
witness protection progarm

My problem with Nora and Gus though is that neither has been ridden in over a year. My back issues began escalating right about the same time our farm business activity did, so something had to give and it was riding. Nora was the wonderful mare who went with me to the weekend training with Chris Cox. You can read about it HERE  It was the highlight of both of our riding careers. She is so bright, so willing and still so green broke. Now, after being on vacation for a year you could say she is light green broke.

My Nora. 11 years young. 15 Hands. Easy keeper,
Sound, great health. Loves people
Fast learner. Great ground manners
but sorely lacks saddle time.

Gus was a trail horse at a kids camp for many years before I bought him for my grand kids to use. He will walk with a child on his back until the end of time BUT if you ask hime to canter he will say no. If you insist he canter he will blow up like a rocket and pile drive you into the nearest dirt mound. Just ask my farrier who felt confident enough to "tune him up" just last week.

Gus. Age 17. Sound. Great pasture pet for you
or other horse.  Will walk while you lead,
but try to canter and he's full of bad deeds.

So there you have it, a couple of mounts who need a lot of work to be called mounts again. The price is right. FREE. You haul (I live in Chatsworth, Illinois) If you feel like a challenge, if you call yourself a cowboy or cowgirl and your health insurance is up to date, they are yours for the hauling. Take one, take both, take out a new life insurance policy.

Seriously, if you are an experienced rider looking for a challenge and a very likely excellent mount after you put in hard time, Nora is for you. If you want a pasture mate for your other horses, a pet who will soak up all the brush and curry time you have, then Gus is for you.

And if you are in possession of a well broke gaited trail horse (looks and papers unimportant) and you are willing to trade that creature for cold hard cash, then I'm your middle-aged-somewhat-vetebrally-challenged (prior) cow-girl. Call me 815-635-3414 or email me at


  1. That Rocky Mountain horse is the GAYEST looking horse I have ever seen. I love the shot of the wonder-donkey.

  2. Oh how I wish I lived closer! I would take them both so as not to split them up. Wishing them a great home and wishing you a problem free back in the future.


  3. I'm SO sorry you have to tell your friends good-bye. What a lousy week!

    When we left France I had to leave my wonderful Camargue behind because he was positive for spiroplasmosis (like malaria in horses). Our girls had to leave their pony behind, too. We gave them away to people we knew because if you sell an ordinary horse in France for a price an ordinary person can afford, it's likely to end up as a horseburger. The butchers buy by the pound. :( I truly hope someone great will take your horses. Blessings on you for being willing to give them away so they get a good home.

    I now have 2 TWH mares, and I love them! I'll never ride a non-gaited horse again. And if I needed a third horse :) I'd definitely look at a RMH! Good luck finding yours!

  4. Hope you find a new home soon for your horses and I hope the gaited horse is the ticket. I rode a Fox Trotter for a guy for a while and hated the gait so beware, gaited horses aren't for everyone. Ride it a while first before purchasing. As for me, I'll stick with my mare with her smooth shoulders which is what determines the smoothness of the ride. She is like a rocking horse and you can even sit during her trot.

  5. Hi Donna,

    I'm going to forward/connect you with my friend Paul. He may be able to help you in both directions with the horses. He raises, trains and trades horses.


  6. I forgot to add gaited horses.

  7. Hard to let old friends go. But good to know that they will be happy.

    Hope you find good homes.

  8. Oh, Donna! I am just reading through your last two posts and honestly, I am just full of awe at your jovial personality through it all!

    Gah, if I lived closer you KNOW these two would be at my house! I love Rocky Mounted Horses, too..but they can't pull a cart worth a dern, which is why I'm with the Big Horses...but! I know you will find someone...or maybe you can wait til next June so I can take them then! :) HUGS!

  9. Tom,just because his name is Fabio is no reason to leap to cnclusions.

    Laura, I am hopeful they will go to a good home together but will settle for TWO good homes

    Zephyr, the decesion was along time coming but I hate seeing good horses go without "jobs" even if the job is to be a good companion to someone.

    Holly, I was lucky enough to take lessons on a gaited horse years ago and did love it then, So hopeful I will love it again. I do plan to ride my new prospect several times before buying. Thats the cool thing about age...I move slower, even in decision making so less impulsive buys over the years, But then again you know how that love at first site thing is with a horse! (Well, it's dangerous that's what it is!)

    Doug, that would be so great! Send the info my way. and THANKS

    Judie, you don't want them ?

    Zan, I did ask Keith if he and I could make a trip your way...really I did. If those darn cows didn't have to be milked every single day...

  10. That Rocky Mountain horse is the GAYEST looking horse I have ever seen. I love the shot of the wonder-donkey.