Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saponification Sunday...All washed up

So sorry. Such a crazed week. Working with a new horse, a fox trotter no less, speaking at homesteading conferences,(requiring this old dog to learn a new Power Point Trick)  child care (I've been a big baby all week), meat deliveries and store cleaning, Manure Preneur responsibilities, cough due to cold, mowing due to rain, ....has kept me from the soap box.

I promise next Sunday to be foaming at the mouth. I might even make some soap.
Until then a piece of well cured soap from the past. Brown Sugar Oatmeal.

Stop licking the screen. It's dirty enough


  1. Take your time. What doesn't get done to day will be their tomorrow. I know it get crazy, but take care of yourself. Though we enjoy the Sunday Soaps we will survive one week without it.


  2. That's yummy-looking Brown Sugar Oatmeal soap, Donna! Love the swirls. Sounds like things are pretty hectic for you - I hope things calm down soon. I know what you mean about learning new tricks. My husband spent an entire afternoon teaching me how to use Excel a while back. I still don't understand how to use it.

  3. It's been that kinda week over here as well! Happy Monday!

  4. You are one busy Mama! Details, details, especially the Mid Atlantic Conference, please! Hope all is well and you're not foaming TOO much at the mouth!

  5. Donna,

    I just found out my sister in law is a soaper.

    Small world. We may even make a road trip.

  6. pause...inhale....exhale....repeat
    If that doesn't work, there's always tequila! ;)

  7. Farmerstac. Ah wise words. One day I might even follow them.

    Jenny. Have you ever wondered why they can a program no one can be good at..."Excell"?

    Mary, In Ireland shop keepers will sometimed put a sign on their shops that say "Closed due to Monday Blues" Those Irish are brilliant

    Zan, yes I am working on a conference post. I am. Really. Love your PA stories by the way!

    Doug, oh great now you will go and buy HER soap won't you? Dangit.

    Soap Sister...Do they even make Tequila here in Central Illinois?

  8. What pretty soaps! It sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. Good luck!

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