Saturday, August 4, 2012

Moon Lighting


I'm not here.

I'm over here on The Renegade Farmer

You know what they say, Have Soapbox, Will Travel. And if you have a moment to make a comment over there, many thanks. My editor will appreciate it. I'll be indebted as well.


  1. Travelling over there with you....

  2. Thanks for this Donna! Huh! So you say to go over there and comment and suddenly we have comments?! Do you also part large expanses of water?! How do I harness this Midlife power you have?? ;)

  3. are the best follower ever! If only my kids would follow my lead once in a while...

    Zan. Yes, for an overweight, underheight, steel haired woman I have great magical powers. I also pay each follower $100 cash for every comment...well I would if I had any money,

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