Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gimpy Gone but Not Forgotten

You might recall several months ago my blog about Gimpy the piglet with the bad leg. Born last October I blogged about her leg deformity HERE. We struggled at first about how long to keep her, how long would her leg support her etc...

Her back right leg was bent and at just 6 weeks it looked liked this. (middle hog, back right leg)

But something as minor as a gimpy leg did not slow this little gilr in any way. She ran wild with her siblings, ate like you know...a pig...and grew as well as the rest of them. We watched her closely at first wondering if the off balance gait would cause her pain but it never seemed to.

She never went off her feed, she kept up all her social obligations, she flirted with the boar across the way when she came of age and she grew into one big fat beautiful sow (just look at that cute face) all of which allowed her to meet her destiny at the locker last week.

That leg even  improved slightly and she was able to put more weight on it then in the early months. Normally we take our hogs to market at about 6-7 months (with an average hanging weight of about 200 pounds) but due to the slow growing pastures this summer because of the drought, we kept a few hogs longer than normal.

Gimpy was one of them so when we took her to market she was 10 months old.  She weighed in at over 325 pounds with a hanging weight of 277 pounds. Not bad for a crippled ham. Not bad at all you hero hog you.


  1. Hey Donna,
    Well, you certainly didn't 'boar' with this um wiggly tale. And not one to hog your time, I wish to say well done to your hero hog and I like the way she hammed it up in the photo.
    Right, I'm outta' here....