Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is D'eirin me

I am of Ireland. At least that is what the ring on my finger says. See this little house ?

Todays "derelict" house in Ireland is my retirement home in the future

I Put a down payment on it last time I was in Ballyvaughan. I got a great deal being as it was inhabited by sheep and a donkey or two. Really, one day I WILL live in Eire at least two months out of the year. And since I could never stand to be away from the grand babies that long that will just have to go with me

O'Shaughnessy emblem at the gate to the chapel at
Kilmacduogh Castle ,County Galway

And see this cool gate above ? Yeah, its going on the gate to my front garden. Like my dead ancestors really need it anymore. Oh no ! Is that the time ? I have a party to attend. My rides here. Bye bye, Slainte' and remember...don't drink and ride.

Giddy up Danny Boy

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  1. We're always nosing around online for houses in Clare. We have friends who live here for six months and over in Clare for six months. They always tease us that our "house" is still available for sale. I'm giving you the link so you can have a grin.

    this one has a roof! hahaha

    Nice posts and I want that plate of food.