Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Budget, why does thou vex me ?

Part of the budgeting process includes calculating the amount
of energy AKA body mass lost when a pig swan dives for its milk.

First a housekeeping item. Several of you have mentioned lately that you have had difficulties leaving comments. Might explain the increased number of burning brown paper bags filled with excrement found on our front porch lately.  So I messed around with my blog settings a bit and hopefully the problem will be solved...again. Please comment away so I can see if it works. Really I hope it does, the burning bags are drawing vultures.

So, for awhile now, 3 months to be exact,  Keith and I have been plugging away at our farms budget for 2011. At this speed we'll finish the budget right about the same time the year itself is finished. Why so hard you might ask ? Oh so many reasons,  just let me count the ways.

     1. We are not accountants and we do not even play ones on TV
     2. There is far less income to work with than last year thus the word "budget" becomes reality
     3. We still have to feed hungry animals and cannot work at desks all day
     4. We still have to butcher above animals in order to increase the income and address problem # 2
     5. We upgraded to Quicken 2010 and it is way over our heads
     6. We are selling many more products than a year ago which has increased income but
     7  Also increased all our expenses
     8. Due to number 6 we do not have data for the year before to guide us, its like a whole new
         ball of ear wax which by the way is not an ingredient in my new soaps contrary to rumor
     9. We have too much work to do to sit down and figure out how we can generate enough income to do
         all the work we have to do.
     10  We are not accountants

So there you have it the top 10 reasons our 2011 Farm budget is still a works in progress.

Now please a few comments, on anything at all. Lets see if this baby is working !


  1. Yeah Donna, it works! Love the blog, you inspired our launch into red wattle pigs. Cannot wait for our goats to kid next month so that we can start feeding some of the extra milk to the pigs.
    Best of luck with the budget (mine is called hide those feed receipts from the hubby lately!)

  2. Tifany, thanks for commenting and reading my blog. I just got back from a trip to Minn via the internet to see YOUR blog. Nice pics ! Enjoy your Red Wattles, I hope they are as friendly and outgoing as ours are. Of course having three of us in the bed gets a little crowded at night...but that's a whole nother blog.

  3. Just turn that word around! Get sounding better? Enough of that and you tend to forget about those pesky numbers matching up.

  4. Testing! Testing! Is it working???

  5. It's working!

    Oh, and thank you for not putting ear wax in your soap.

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  7. I don't think I have ever had problems leaving comments on your blog. But then again, I was raised by a woman of superior intelligence. Or I've been given special privileges. ;)

  8. No YOUR'RE the one with superior intelligence, you just complimented me is front of millions did you not ?

  9. Yeah, that would be "IN" front of millions. So much for what you done said bout my smartness.

  10. Hi Donna, Thank you for dropping by my blog. I love your piggies. Good luck with your writing. I sure would love to see you on the other side. I would fly over especially to be at your book launch and if you know how scare I am of flying you would understand how excited I will be for you. Good luck with your farm budget too. I know our farmers here in England are having a tough time of it like the rest of us, but it must be tougher when you have all those extra mouths to feed to make your living.