Sunday, March 27, 2011

Customer Appreciation

We do. Appreciate our customers that is. But, we don't tell them enough. You know how it is. In the early stages of the relationship you're overflowing with praise and thankfulness.

"You want to buy more bacon ? Really ? Sure I'll bring more. I can't believe you really liked it. I mean we like it but we weren't sure others would like it. Are you sure you like it ? THANK YOU so very much. You are SO COOL !"

And then some time goes by and those special customers, the ones who bought your products before your big farm name change, before you really even had labels on the food and you just marked "pork chop" on the white paper with a crayon, well you don't see them as often because you're sooo busy taking pork up to Hollywood for Hams (Chicago)

Then, one day, some of those customers who were your friends first and then bacon inhalers later, show up on your farm. And they bring their kids.

I'm not sure if its the pink boots or her smile,  but little Miss V
  looks quite at ease  sitting on the tractor wheel does she not ?
These future customers of small family farms and locally grown products  also enjoyed our dog Fannie. And Fannie ? Well she never said but I think she liked all the attention. Either that or the Xanax I gave her before our visitors arrived, was kicking in.

Need a good farm dog ? Great Pryenees love kids as much as they hate coyotes.
Several of these kids have been to our farm before as well as children of our other early supporters, (you know who you are) and we APPRECIATE your ongoing support of what we do. Maybe one day when you come to visit we'll be like those other family farms who give tours. Maybe we'll have a fenced in area for a petting zoo instead of the fruitless peacock chase across the yard, and maybe we'll even have a real kiddie ride or two. But until then we'll have to make do with the "do-it-yourself" rides.

Still, the most important thing..we appreciate our customers, the old and the new, we really really do !

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