Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Good Seed

Remember that movie "The Bad Seed " ? From the 1950's all black and white and so evil ?  Starring Eileen Heckart. Well it has nothing to do with this blog so forgetabouit.

These Good Little Seeds worked very hard one warm day to get the first garden seeds into the soil. Keith gave me this raised bed last year and do I ever love it. Wish I had 20 of them ! Last year I planted an entire salad garden in here (except tomatoes) and this year I plan to do the same. Located just outside our kitchen door it is very convenient for meal time in the summer.

I was amazed at the tenacity of the GK's. We had to pull up the old dead stuff from last season,

break up the clumps of manure and straw that had been composting over the winter

spread it out nicely

check on the sunning dog  Fannie, to make sure she was still alive

then plant the seeds. Peas, onions, spinach and radishes are IN !

Such a good day.


  1. Geez you have a lot of Great helpers! Hire out? They look like they are really enjoying it...hope they don't grow up, eh?

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