Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Purdy Girl

 Just two days into our week and man are we cramming a lot in. Farm cleanup prior to pasture walks planned in June and July, record keeping updates and filing in preparation for our organic re-certification survey due any day, juggling of vehicles and staff (sons Jason and Kyle) as we plan tomorrow to deliver one milk cow, drop off three live hogs , pick up two dead, I mean processed, hogs as well as pick up two processed beef, at TWO different locker plants no less.

While Keith runs livestock all over three different counties, I'll be cleaning freezers and rearranging meat. Being just 5 foot tall this process always worries me. Falling into the freezer and knocking myself out is a real fear of mine. Not that I am worried so much about my own death but any time a wife is found folded like a chubby pretzel at the bottom of the chest freezer, the husband gets a few glares. Keith is too nice a guy for this kind of stress so I think I'll go stash my cell phone in the freezer now while I am thinking about it

We also continue to tell everyone we can about our availability of raw milk since there are only 11 days left until our last Milk Truck pick up by Foremost Farms USA. Crazy Monkey Business.

AND...Purdy has not yet had her babies nor have any of the other 3 pregnant goats. I still say triplets which is rare for goats but common for me to say.

On Thursday we get a break. After delivering meat to three restaurants and two grocers Keith and I are going to spend the night at Rays Bucktown B &B in Chicago.  http://www.raysbucktownbandb.com/
Son Jason will do two sets of chores. We plan to eat at  least two of the restaurants we sell to. Time to check out the magic our chef friends are performing with our farms meat. We'll get home Friday afternoon and my weekend night shifts at the hospital will begin again Finnagan.

We are never ever never EVER bored.


  1. I'm new to reading your blog and you made me laugh so much with your comment about being found folded like a chubby pretzel. Being a fellow RN I appreciate your humor. I bet you're a hoot to work with!

  2. Dear anonymous. Thanks for the kind words. You all come back now, hear ?